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  1. star wars prequel week
    How The Phantom Menace’s Epic Lightsaber Fight Came TogetherIt involved fighting backwards.
  2. roll clip!
    Watch John Boyega and David Beckham Have a Smiley Lightsaber DuelFence it like Beckham?
  3. Stephen Colbert Knows What a Lightsaber Is, George LucasIt was all a complete misunderstanding!
  4. Every Star Wars Lightsaber, Ranked From Worst to BestAn elegant listicle for a civilized age.
  5. star wars
    Cosplaying at Force Awakens Screenings Just Got a Little Bit HarderTwo of the nation’s largest theater chains have banned masks and weapons from Force Awakens screenings.
  6. last night on late night
    Letterman Accused NBC of a Today Show Cover-UpPlus: An ear-cringing performance by Kid Cudi, and more, on our daily late-night roundup.
  7. the walking dead
    Watch The Walking Dead With Light SabersMichonne: now a Jedi.
  8. It’s a Kid-Versus-Dog Light-Saber Battle!Game on.
  9. game of thrones
    Watch Game of Thrones Re-created With Light SabersGame of Star Wars!
  10. star wars
    Meet ‘Jedi Grandma’Luke, I am your nana.
  11. clickables
    Watch Ewan McGregor and Chris O’Dowd Play Some Lightsaber BaseballBoth are available for your summer softball league.
  12. clickables
    Watch Glee’s Mike Chang in a Serious Lightsaber BattleIt’s more like a lightsaber dance.
  13. movies
    Watch a Montage of Every Lightsaber Ignition and Retraction in Star WarsNerd alert: two and a half minutes of extension and detumescence.