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  1. year in culture 2021
    2021 Killed the Myth That Rock Ever DiedThe genre wasn’t just resuscitated — it was up and walking around, no signs of atrophy.
  2. rebecca is a food critic now
    Burger King’s Keep It Real Meals Feel Like a Glitch in the Fast-Food SimulationWhat is “real,” anyway?
  3. summer 2021
    Dreaming Up a 2021 Warped Tour LineupPresenting: Varped Tour ’21, a tribute to our pop-punk renaissance.
  4. extremely online
    Dixie D’Amelio Drops ‘F*CKBOY’ While Lil Huddy Strips Back His F*ckboy AnthemShot, chaser.
  5. music videos
    Charli D’Amelio Dances Circles Around Lil Huddy in His New Music VideoChaCha real smooth.
  6. extremely online
    The Best High-School Drama You’re Not Watching Is on TikTokLet’s break down the clownery.