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Lily Rabe

  1. the year of the nepo baby
    Nobody Loves a Nepo Baby Like Ryan MurphyIn his series American Horror Story, the super-producer can’t help but sprinkle insider youths with recognizable last names into the credits.
  2. trailer mix
    Ben Affleck’s Got That Uncle Bod in The Tender Bar TrailerIt’s an Affleck unk flick.
  3. vulture guides
    A Handy Guide to Ryan Murphy’s Favorite ActorsFrom Popular to The Politician, the Murphy-verse is full of familiar faces.
  4. trailer mix
    Netflix Fractured Trailer: Jodie Foster Might Have Some Tips for Sam WorthingtonSo soon we forget Flightplan.
  5. rankings
    Every Member of the American Horror Story Ensemble, RankedWho’s the best actor in Ryan Murphy’s horror anthology?
  6. casting
    The Coven Coven Is Returning for American Horror Story: ApocalypseYes, that includes Stevie Nicks.
  7. tv
    AHS: Hotel Has a Serial-Killer Dinner PartyTo fill the cadaverous culinary hole Hannibal has left in our lives.
  8. chat room
    Lily Rabe on The Whispers, Imaginary Friends, and ‘Magical’ Kids“Kids really have the keys to the castle.”
  9. robert durst
    Revisiting All Good Things After the Revelations of The JinxThe 2010 film is currently streaming on Netflix.
  10. We’re Getting Closer to a Unified Theory of American Horror StoryLily Rabe’s character is returning.
  11. theater
    Theater Review: Much Ado About NothingIn the Park, in the rain.
  12. the white witch
    Watch American Horror Story’s Stevie Nicks Tribute“Doesn’t it just penetrate your soul and tell the truth about everything you’ve ever felt in your whole life?”
  13. chat room
    AHS’s Lily Rabe on the Stevie Nicks Shout-out“Yes, you will see some shawls.”
  14. casting couch
    Lily Rabe Will Be Back on American Horror StorySister Mary Eunice lives.
  15. chat room
    Lily Rabe on Horror Story’s Christmas Episode“I’ll never look at a Christmas tree the same way.”
  16. stage dive
    Review: Shakespeare in the Park’s As You Like ItThere’s nothing here but pleasure and pleasantry, making it a fine but minor dish.
  17. casting couch
    American Horror Story Bringing Back More of Its CastSarah Paulson, Lily Rabe, and Evan Peters will all be part of season two.
  18. shakespeare in the park
    Into the Woods, As You Like It Headed to Central ParkAll the world’s a stage. Particularly if your world includes Shakespeare in the Park.
  19. tonys 2011
    See All the Red-Carpet Looks From the 2011 Tony AwardsThey’re appropriately theatrical.
  20. stage dive
    A Slightly Diminished But Still Captivating MerchantIn transfiguring his near-perfect Shakespeare in the Park production of The Merchant of Venice for Broadway, director Daniel Sullivan has taken no big gambles, just a bunch of small ones. Some pay off richly; others go bust.
  21. broadway
    Merchant of Venice Starring Al Pacino Moves to BroadwayStarting in October.
  22. chat room
    The American Plan’s Lily Rabe on Working With Mercedes Ruehl, and Her Next Role As a ‘Mafia Princess’Rabe spoke with Vulture about the challenges of playing impulsive Lili Adler, and her ongoing fashion competition with Ruehl.
  23. just because
    Could De Niro, Penn, and Willis Be Social on Set?With these three guys around, you have to wonder what it was like on the set of ‘What Just Happened?’ Were they social? The answer is interesting.