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  1. tiger news
    Dakota Johnson Says Grandma Tippi Hedren Still Lives With, Oh, 13 or 14 Big CatsShe used to have around sixty, but a baker’s dozen is much more manageable.
  2. roll clip!
    Will Smith Is Convinced an Actual Lion Is on the Loose Near His HouseTo be clear, not a mountain lion, a lion lion.
  3. obits
    GOT Effects Editor Dies After Lion AttackShe was on safari in South Africa.
  4. kids
    Watch a Toddler Come Face-to-Face With a Lion, Not CareYour Chronicles of Narnia nightmares just came true!
  5. trailer mix
    Narnia 3 Trailer: Tilda in the Sky With LionsSign us up.
  6. cover story
    T.I. Stood Next to a Real Lion for His Album Cover“I went and told them, ‘Get me as close as you can to a lion.’”