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Live Free Or Die Hard

  1. pranks
    Justin Long Figured Out How to Make Bruce Willis PanicIt requires more oatmeal than you’d expect.
  2. man and superman
    The Downward Spiral of Die Hard’s John McClane From Everyman to SupermanFor our macho movie hero, dying hasn’t just become hard — it’s become impossible.
  3. vulture lists
    7 Best Movie Weapons of 2007Towels, wangs, and flying police cars!
  4. news reel
    ‘Live Free or Die Hard’ Premieres; Potty-Mouths Not WelcomeWe’d heard there was going to be a giant fan-appreciation ceremony to kick off Friday’s Live Free or Die Hard premiere at Radio City Music Hall. “Get there at 5:30 p.m.!” the press release told us.
  5. quote machine
    Brad Pitt: The Meat in a Churchill-Roosevelt Sandwich
  6. tube junkie
    Oldie But Goody: ‘Die Hard’ Gets the ‘Ben Stiller’ Treatment