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  1. the law
    Senate Targets Ticketmaster With Antitrust BillPlus the TICKET Act would mandate all-in ticket pricing.
  2. ticketmonster
    Biden Wants His Beyoncé Tickets Like the Rest of UsHe called for limits on junk fees for concerts and sporting events.
  3. you’re on your own live nation
    Senate Piles On Live Nation, Ticketmaster at Ticketing HearingWhile, yes, peppering in some Taylor Swift references.
  4. the industry
    Ticketmaster Faces Multiple Inquiries After Bungling Taylor Swift PresaleAmy Klobuchar will be holding a Senate hearing on a lack of competition in the ticketing industry.
  5. ask an expert
    What Would Breaking Up Ticketmaster and Live Nation Actually Do?“They don’t have a Ticketmaster in Europe. They have competition, and ticket prices are lower.”
  6. ticketmonster
    Look What Taylor Swift Fans Made Ticketmaster DoSwift said “it really pisses me off” that fans struggled with Ticketmaster.
  7. politics
    Biden Is Coming for High Ticketing FeesThe Biden administration is looking to stop banks, hotels, and concert venues from extracting so-called “junk fees.”
  8. injuries
    Wiz Khalifa Show Stopped Due to Crowd Panic, 3 InjuredPeople fled because of rumored gunfire, though police later said that no weapon was found.
  9. the industry
    Live Nation Will Require Vaccines or COVID Tests for Artists and AudiencesThe new COVID policy goes into effect October 4.
  10. concerts
    Ticketmaster Has a Plan for All Those Thousands of Shows Affected by COVID-19Starting May 1, Live Nation will offer refunds for events postponed or canceled by the coronavirus pandemic.
  11. r. kelly
    Georgia County Officials Want R. Kelly Concert CanceledLive Nation says the show is still on for now.
  12. Jeremih Kicked Off PartyNextDoor’s TourYikes.
  13. irving plaza shooting
    ‘Trampled’ Fans Sue Irving Plaza and Live Nation Over T.I. Concert ShootingOne person was killed and three people were injured in the shooting.
  14. lawsuits
    Troy Ave Sues Irving Plaza Over Deadly ShootingThe rapper, who was charged in connection with the shooting, alleges security failed concertgoers and performers that night.
  15. irving plaza shooting
    Live Nation Cancels Multiple NYC Concerts Following Irving Plaza ShootingConcerts for Joey Bada$$, Mac Miller, YG, Vince Staples, and more are currently off.
  16. lawsuits
    Jay Z Wants His ‘Big Pimpin’ Trial DelayedHov claims that the nephew of the Egyptian musician at the center of the lawsuit is playing games.
  17. music
    Madonna Signs With InterscopeInterscope will work with Live Nation to keep Madonna Inc. running.
  18. money
    Concert-Ticket Sales Slumped This Year, So Prices Will Be Cheaper in 2011Just ask Demi Lovato.
  19. money
    Barry Diller Out at Live NationLive Nation CEO Irving Azoff may replace him.
  20. tweets
    Live Nation CEO Masters Twitter“u r a jerk”
  21. the name game
    Live Nation Gives Irving Plaza Its Old Name BackTelling people you’re going to a show at Irving Plaza just got a little bit easier.
  22. jurisprudence
    Bruce Springsteen Fans Topple The FTCVictory!
  23. mergers
    The Ticketmaster–Live Nation Merger Is OnOh boy.
  24. boring stuff
    Lawmakers Aren’t So Crazy About the Proposed Merger of Ticketmaster and Live NationBasically, Vulture is in favor of anything that would lower service fees at concerts.
  25. it’s not what you know it’s who you know
    Bruce Springsteen Comes Under Fire in Jersey Ticket FracasHe’s being accused of giving all the best seats at his concerts to his friends.
  26. false advertising
    Much to Your Chagrin, You’ll End Up Paying Service Fees on ‘No Service Fee Wednesdays’Nice try, Live Nation, but we’re onto your scamming ways.
  27. a rose by any other name
    Ticket Scalping Gets Fancy New Ticketmaster-Approved Name: Dynamic PricingAnd in a barely related story, Jay Leno is not happy that tickets to his free show in Detroit have landed on eBay.
  28. monopolies
    Justice Department Not Yet Sure If Ticketmaster–Live Nation Merger Would Create MonopolyResponding to outrage from everyone in the world, the Justice Department is investigating the proposed merger between the two universally hated companies.
  29. beef
    ‘Furious’ Bruce Springsteen Calls Foul on Proposed Merger Between Ticketmaster and Live NationWe’ve always thought there was an unspoken connection between the Boss and Pearl Jam.
  30. Ticketmaster and Live Nation to Merge?Because the world’s largest ticket seller and the world’s largest event promoter clearly don’t have enough of a monopolistic stranglehold on their respective industries.
  31. imminent disasters
    U2 Sign Live Nation Deal for $20 Million in Stock, Magic BeansWeirdly, U2 have agreed to take their advance in Live Nation stock (currently trading at about $11 per share, down from a high of nearly $25 last February).
  32. apropos of nothing
    Live Nation Didn’t Mean All Those Nasty Things It Said About Record LabelsMajor-label competitor Live Nation is considering outsourcing their distribution to … major labels!
  33. apropos of nothing
    Nickelback Sign First Live Nation 360 Deal That Actually Sort of Makes SenseThe kings of red-state radio rock sign a $70 million deal.
  34. the industry
    Sacha Baron Cohen and Will Ferrell Are ‘Sherlock’ HomiesPlus: Josh Hartnett on the West End, and Young Jeezy in the movies.
  35. apropos of nothing
    Live Nation Signs Idiotic Deal With 38-Year-Old Rap StarJay-Z is close to a deal with Live Nation that would make him $150 million richer and Live Nation $150 million broker.
  36. the industry
    Helen Mirren to Explore the Tolstoy Family’s Nudist HistoryPlus industry news on Jaime Pressly, Shekhar Kapur, Jennifer Aniston, and U2.
  37. apropos of nothing
    Is U2 Fed Up With Record Labels Now Too?U2 is reportedly in talks with concert promoter Live Nation over a deal similar to the one Madonna signed last year, which would cover albums, DVDs, touring, merchandise, licensing, and various other Edge-related income streams.
  38. the industry
    Leonardo DiCaprio and Jake Gyllenhaal Chase the Same RolePlus industry news on Will Smith, Michael Mann, and Captain Kirk.