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  1. two friends
    HBO Didn’t Pick Up Sarah Silverman’s Late-Night Show, Which Is RudeAnd Lizz Winstead explains why she can’t advertise her special on Twitter or Facebook on this week’s Two Friends.
  2. On the ‘Vagical Mystery Tour’ with Lizz WinsteadLizz Winstead (co-creator and former head writer of The Daily Show) has put her passion for politics to work. After founding Lady Parts Justice […]
  3. Lizz Winstead Has Superpowers Lizz Winstead is well known for her legendary standup and sharp political satire – she co-created The Daily Show for God’s sake – but in […]
  4. Inside George Carlin’s Soon-To-Be-Unearthed Archives Two nights before what would have been George Carlin’s 79th birthday, his daughter Kelly gathered people at the Paley Center For Media to […]
  5. ‘Daily Show’ Co-Creator Lizz Winstead Says Stewart Turned the Show into […]In response to Jon Stewart’s Daily Show retirement announcement, original TDS co-creator Lizz Winstead wrote a piece today called “Finally, He […]
  6. tv
    Who Should Replace Joy Behar on The View? We Offer Eight SuggestionsYeah, we could see Rosie coming back.
  7. sandra bernhard
    Watch Sandra Bernhard and Lizz Winstead Get Mani-PedisScrew your cars and your coffee.
  8. Sandra Bernhard and Lizz Winstead Offer Brilliant Counterpoint to […] It’s a debate as old as cars: Would you rather walk and get your nails done or drive and drink a cup of coffee? There is a bit of […]
  9. Comedians Be Writing MemoirsFor the New York Times, Jason Zinoman writes about the post-Bossypants world of comedian memoirs, which I assume is in honor of the recently […]
  10. chat room
    Lizz Winstead Debuts Her Book Trailer“I just wanted to have an uninterrupted time in my life where I could say something and nobody would change the subject.”
  11. quote machine
    Jason Segel Doing Most of His Acting With His MustachePlus quotes from John Krasinski on ‘Leatherheads,’ Peter Buck on twelve out of R.E.M.’s fourteen albums, and Stephen Malkmus on ugly chicks in Williamsburg.