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Logan Roy

  1. close read
    Succession’s Song of Ice and FireA trio of eulogies negotiate the final word on Logan Roy.
  2. close read
    But Seriously: What Would Logan Roy Do?The poison drips through in three very different ways.
  3. backstories
    Building Succession’s Haunted HouseFor the first episode without Logan, director Lorene Scafaria wanted to keep the claustrophobia alive.
  4. the real estate
    Is $63 Million Too Much for Logan Roy’s House?Marcia and Connor make one of the quickest deals in history.
  5. not serious people
    Who From Succession Has What It Takes to Survive Vanderpump Rules?Willa is higher than you’d think.
  6. obituary
    Logan Roy Wouldn’t Look Back“I fuckin’ love news.”
  7. rip to a real one
    Twitter Reacts to Succession’s Big Episode 3 WhammySo much for a goofy wedding episode.
  8. great moments in journalism
    Logan Roy Pulls a Rupert MurdochThese fellas seem similar.
  9. who’s doing chandelier?
    What Would Every Succession Character Sing at Karaoke?Logan wouldn’t sing.
  10. hmm
    Brian Cox Has a ‘Lot of Respect for’ Succession’s Logan RoyAnd thinks he’s a very misunderstood man.
  11. spoilers
    Let’s Talk About That Brilliant Succession EndingTurns out a “blood sacrifice” wasn’t the season finale’s big reveal after all.
  12. rants
    How Dare Logan Roy Wear Such an Awful Cardigan?The shawl cardigan is from the devil and no one should wear it under any circumstances.