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Lone Survivor

  1. weekend box office
    Third Week’s a Charm for Ride AlongAnd Frozen just won’t quit.
  2. weekend box office
    Ride Along Still Cruising at Top of Weekend Box OfficeA good week for Universal.
  3. weekend box office
    Ride Along Takes Front Seat at Weekend Box OfficeThis was the best MLK weekend box office ever.
  4. painful things
    Let’s Talk About the Falling Scenes in Lone SurvivorBecause ouch.
  5. weekend box office
    Lone Survivor Wins the Battle of the Weekend Box OfficeMeanwhile, The Legend of Hercules and American Hustle tied.
  6. the workhorse
    Why Mark Wahlberg Is the Perfect Mr. JanuaryWith his workmanlike attitude, the Lone Survivor actor is uniquely suited to soldier through Hollywood’s least pretentious month.
  7. movie review
    Edelstein on the Crude Propaganda of Lone SurvivorIt leaves out anything that would transform it into a work of art like Casualties of War or Saving Private Ryan.
  8. chat room
    Peter Berg on Lone Survivor, Taylor Kitsch“Ben Foster and Taylor Kitsch, I had to keep pulling them off the hill, because they wanted to throw themselves off.”
  9. party chat
    Mark Wahlberg’s Wife Thought Ted Was a Dumb Idea“Yeah, whatever. Dumb idea.”
  10. movies
    What Mark Wahlberg Thinks of Actors Who Compare Their Movies to War“How f**kin’ dare you!”
  11. trailer mix
    Lone Survivor Trailer: So Many Navy SEAL BeardsAnd feelings.
  12. casting
    Wahlberg, Kitsch Into Peter Berg’s Lone SurvivorThey’d play Navy SEALS in Afghanistan.