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  1. small stories
    Snowplow Man, ‘La Campanella,’ and 7 Other Stories About Making Station ElevenOn making a show about a pandemic during a pandemic, caring about each detail, and bringing your tooth to set when the showrunner asks.
  2. role call
    Lori Petty Answers Every Question We Have About A League of Their OwnOn sharing a makeup trailer with Madonna, laughing at Jon Lovitz, standing firm on the film’s ending, and the possibility of a TV series.
  3. chat room
    Orange Is the New Black’s Lori Petty on How Prison Failed Lolly“You can’t just lock these people up!”
  4. trailer mix
    Orange Is the New Black Season 3 Trailer: The Hot One’s Back“The world is better in black and white … and Red.”
  5. casting couch
    Lori Petty Joins Orange Is the New BlackYes. A thousand times yes.