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Lost Classics

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    On Gates of Fire, Michael Mann’s Stalled EpicLike the brave, doomed Spartans at Thermopylae who managed to hold off the Persians long enough, the film might have kept Zack Snyder from making 300.
  2. lost classics
    Why Are These Classic Shows Nowhere to Be Found on Streaming?“When [streaming services] started, they’d buy anything. Then they took smart pills and realized people wanted newer and better shows.”
  3. The Strange Disappearance of Ed, the Great Show That Time ForgotA salute to the series about Stuckeyville that is virtually impossible to find.
  4. A History of Music Bootlegs, Told Through 25 of the Most Significant RecordingsFrom Bob Dylan’s Basement Tapes up through Danger Mouse’s Grey Album.
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    What Happens When Filmmakers Raid Dead Directors’ Unmade Projects?It’s often fascinating to watch two strong directorial sensibilities clash.
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    A Plea for Radiohead to Finally Release the Song ‘Lift’The Bends-era tune that will hopefully one day appear on a studio album.
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    7 Intriguing Unreleased Movies You Can Watch OnlineIncluding features by Todd Haynes, Martin Scorsese, and Erich von Stroheim.
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    You Can Finally Hear the Best Show From Bob Dylan’s 1966 European Tour On May 27, 1966, Dylan played a gig that exceeds even the “Judas” concert for sheer intensity and resonance.
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    13 Best Songs Cut From Beloved Broadway MusicalsSometimes a great song simply doesn’t fit the moment, the performer, or the change in direction.
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    7 Fascinating TV Pilots That Never Made It to Series (That You Can Watch)What could have been.