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Love Is Blind

  1. trailer mix
    The Love Is Blind Season 4 Trailer Promises Mess“I made the wrong choice, and now I’m going to propose to another woman.”
  2. dream casting
    Who Should Appear in Perfect Match Season Two?We have some (very good) suggestions.
  3. good as hell
    Lizzo ‘Gets Into’ the Love Is Blind Weddings on Tik Tok“Alexa, we’ll send you some Yitty girl.”
  4. boy bye
    Love Is Blind’s Zanab Says She ‘Stopped Eating’ Over Cole’s Comments“I’ve never had someone speak to me that way about my body or eating.”
  5. overnights
    Love Is Blind Season-Finale Recap: Speak Now …This trip to the altar will go down in Love Is Blind history.
  6. overnights
    Love Is Blind Recap: Nothing But Red FlagsAt least Alexa and Brennon are doing well. Everyone else, though …
  7. overnights
    Love Is Blind Recap: Everything’s Realer in TexasHow any of these people, besides Alexa and Brennon, plan on getting married in less than two weeks is a mystery.
  8. overnights
    Love Is Blind Recap: Pool Party From HellI hope poor Zanab is getting paid, because this woman is babysitting.
  9. overnights
    Love Is Blind Recap: Chemistry TestOur Texans touch down in Malibu to get to know each other better before they get, well, married.
  10. overnights
    Love Is Blind Season-Premiere Recap: The Pod Squad Is BackAll the pieces are in place for a truly unhinged third season.
  11. red flags
    Love Is Blind: After the Altar Was One Red Flag After AnotherSo we rounded them up!
  12. trailer mix
    Love Is Blind: After the Altar Season Two Spirals Toward Mass DivorceSpoiler: Life happened.
  13. divorce
    Every Couple from Love Is Blind Season 2 Has Broken UpTwo couples have called it quits this week.
  14. the streaming wars
    Which One of These Never-ending Netflix Dating Shows Is Your Right Match?The streamer announced plans to renew and spin off its shows to no end.
  15. pod life
    Which Chaotic Love Is Blind Couples Made It Past the Altar?Shaina will be getting married… but not to Kyle.
  16. love triangles
    17 Dating Shows to Watch After Love Is BlindFeaturing more drama, more romance, and fewer golden goblets.
  17. chat room
    Deepti From Love Is Blind Says She and Kyle Are ‘Figuring It Out’But right now, it’s all about her.
  18. what is love?
    9 Love Is Blind Lessons From Around the WorldWhether you’re in the U.S., Brazil, or Japan, be prepared for love to arrive brandishing an acoustic guitar.
  19. don’t mess with our sister
    Love Is Blind: Deepti’s Siblings Post Joint Statement Calling Shake ‘a Loser’That’s family for you.
  20. i have nobu reservations
    Love Is Blind’s Creator Answers Our Burning Season-Two Finale Questions“There are moments where the air sucked out of that entire room and nobody saw it coming. It’s like I’m at the Super Bowl.”
  21. valentine’s binge
    Love Is Blind Opens Their Heart (and Pods) for Season Two - Streaming NowThe first five episodes are out now on Netflix.
  22. reality tv
    Netflix Goes Full Disney Channel Games, Makes Its Reality Stars BattleWhat is this, a crossover episode?
  23. netflix
    Love Is Blind, The Circle Renewed Since People Are Never Going Outside AgainOf course.
  24. obviously im nick lachey
    Damian From Love Is Blind Was Catfished Into Joining the ShowAs if we needed another reason to delete Tinder.
  25. reality tv
    9 Love Is Blind Reunion Moments That Prove, Once and for All, Love Is BlindGuess who’s back together?
  26. the sanctity of marriage
    Here’s What Happened to All the Totally Not Toxic Couples on Love Is BlindLauren + Cameron = Luv 4Ever.
  27. spoilers
    For Better and for Worse, Love Is Blind Will Never Be This Messy AgainThe Netflix reality dating series’s perfect, disastrous climax is a distinct kind of magic that future seasons won’t be able to replicate.
  28. buffering
    Has Netflix Finally Figured Out Reality TV?With buzzy new shows like Love Is Blind, The Circle, and Cheer, Netflix’s unscripted division has been on a tear this year.
  29. chris harrison would never
    What’s the Bare Minimum of Reality-TV Hosting?Because Nick and Vanessa Lachey don’t clear that bar in Love Is Blind.
  30. trailer mix
    Drama Becomes the Sixth Sense in Netflix’s Love Is Blind TrailerWould you marry someone you’ve never seen?