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Love Never Dies

  1. musicals
    Phantom of the Opera Sequel Love Never Dies Is Here, Inside Your DenIt never made Broadway, but hopefully it will make your weekend.
  2. the phantom menace
    Phantom 2 Delayed’Love Never Dies’ will miss its previously scheduled fall opening on Broadway so Andrew Lloyd Webber can recover from cancer.
  3. Love Never Dies, But It Can Be RevisedWhen it hits Broadway this fall, “some changes from the London production [are] likely.”
  4. Webber Fans Wonder Whether Phantom of the Opera 2 Is Really the Great Idea It First SeemedSome clever one is calling ‘Love Never Dies’ “Paint Never Dries.”
  5. bummers
    Andrew Lloyd Webber Diagnosed With CancerBut he’s going to be okay.
  6. money
    Cost to Rebuild Coney Island for Phantom 2: $20 MillionMichael Riedel says that’s just for the London production, too.
  7. the industry
    At Last, Ellen Page, Maeby Fünke, and Har Mar Superstar to Write a TV ShowPlus: You’ll never guess where the Phantom of the Opera ended up.
  8. broadway
    Gird Your Loins: Phantom of the Opera SequelWhat can we expect from such a ridiculous undertaking?