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Mad Max: Fury Road

  1. let’s do it again
    The 102 Best Movie Sequels of All TimeWho in the world wanted a Top Gun sequel? Not even Tom Cruise, but that didn’t stop Maverick from getting made and soaring in our ranks.
  2. now streaming
    The 6 Best Movies and TV Shows to Watch This WeekendIncluding Kesha hunting ghosts!
  3. book excerpt
    When Max Met Furiosa: An Oral History of Casting Mad Max: Fury RoadThe yearslong process of finding the right leads for George Miller’s Oscar winner involved dozens of future stars — and just as many what-ifs.
  4. acting
    The Brutal Pleasure of Watching Charlize Theron Turn to ActionWhat makes her truly great in Mad Max: Fury Road, Atomic Blonde, and The Old Guard is her focus on the human capacity for wear and tear.
  5. shiny and chrome
    George Miller Is Making a Furiosa Prequel to Mad Max: Fury RoadRev your engines and call your agents: He’s recasting.
  6. friday night movie club
    Mad Max: Fury Road Is a Model Movie for Our Troubled TimesIt’s one of the most compelling postapocalyptic visions ever put on film. But the reason has less to do with calamity, and more with poetry.
  7. what could’ve been
    Gal Gadot Almost Played Charlize Theron’s Furiosa Role in Max: Fury RoadNo hard feelings.
  8. The 11 Most Influential Action Heroines of Our TimeThese characters move the conversation forward about how women can behave in film.
  9. A Supercut of Charlize Theron’s Great History of Kicking AssVIDEO: “Furiosa,” indeed.
  10. practical effects
    Witness This Supercut of What Mad Max’s Crashes Looked Like Without CGIThe explosions were real, and they were spectacular.
  11. cannes 2016
    Mad Max Director George Miller Saw Trump Coming“When you look at the political system it seems very dysfunctional and very sad.”
  12. badasses
    Charlize Theron Wants a Mad Max SequelPOWERRRRR.
  13. last night on late night
    Watch Seth Meyers’ Mad Max Spoof, Reasonable Max“Whenever we go to get gasoline, we drive a fleet of muscle cars that literally shoot out fire.”
  14. oscars 2016
    Stuffy Oscars Dudes Can’t Handle Mad Max Costume Designer’s AwesomenessI’ve seen subtler reactions from a cartoon wolf.
  15. compliments
    Charlize Theron Has Your New Self-Confidence Mantra“Take the compliment, bitch.”
  16. George Miller on Mad Max and His Unlikely CareerAt age 70, he accomplished something extremely improbable: He revived a 30-year-old action franchise with a new installment that is the best one yet.
  17. awards season
    Mad Max, Revenant Win Art Directors Guild AwardsThe guild divides its awards by genre.
  18. sequels forever
    George Miller Says He Might Direct New Mad Maxes“I’d like to do something smaller, quick — before I go back to the wasteland.”
  19. oscars
    George Miller on Why Mad Max Deserves Oscar NodsListen up, voters.
  20. kudos
    Los Angeles Film Critics Laud Spotlight, Mad MaxThe choices are entirely distinct from those made by the New York Critics Circle in major categories.
  21. award season
    National Board of Review Gives Mad Max Top HonorLast year A Most Violent Year won.
  22. oscars 2016
    No 2015 Oscar Contender Has Been Better Than Mad Max: Fury RoadOf the movies we’ve already seen this year, which are likely to win Oscar votes?
  23. mash-up
    Mad Max + Star Wars = Seriously Badass Mash-Up VideoIf you thought the only thing that could possibly make Charlize Theron’s Furiosa even cooler was a lightsaber, here’s the video proof.
  24. comics
    The Mad Max Comics’ Half-Assed Female CharactersWe genuinely need more bad writing about women.
  25. Emily Blunt, the Rock, & the Post-Furiosa Action HeroOne of these two looks like an action-hero.
  26. mashup heaven
    Some Genius Mashed Up Kimmy Schmidt and Mad MaxThose females are strong as hell.
  27. production design
    Mad Max’s Production Designer on How He Made All Those Badass Cars“All the objects became a fetish.”
  28. movies
    George Miller’s Post-Nuclear FamiliesOver and over, in his cinema, families are threatened, destroyed, and fortified, and sometimes wildly different ones are rebuilt out of the ashes of the old.
  29. box office
    Pitch Perfect 2 Made Lots of Money; Mad Max Did NotPeople just prefer a cappella to car crashes and guitar solos.
  30. movies
    Review: You Don’t Just Watch Mad Max: Fury Road, You Rock Out to ItMost critics think Miller has his cred back and then some, and they’ve given him a hero’s welcome. That gives me happy feet. 
  31. profiles
    Tom Hardy, Your New Mad Max, Is Only Frightened of Getting Famous“No one recognizes me for shit. I can’t get a free Coca-Cola in this city!”
  32. feminine image consultant
    Mad Max Brought In The Vagina Monologues’ Eve Ensler to Consult“She told us the most tragic stories.”
  33. first look
    6 Crazy, Cool Things We Just Learned About Mad Max: Fury RoadThe amazing-looking action film has finally screened.
  34. trailer mix
    Mad Max Trailers Somehow Keep Getting Crazier and CrazierAnd the best part: The story is still pretty much a mystery.
  35. sequels forever
    Tom Hardy Is Potentially Doing 3 More Mad Max MoviesYep, THREE!
  36. trailer mix
    Mad Max Trailer: At the Very End of the World“It was hard to know who was more crazy. Me or everyone else.” 
  37. trailer mix
    The New Trailer for Mad Max: Fury Road Is Like Burning Man Gone WrongSo many explosions!
  38. trailer mix
    Tom Hardy Gets Tortured in Mad Max TrailerBoom.
  39. comic-con 2014
    Comic-Con: Yes, Mel Gibson Came Up During the Mad Max Panel“Who knew that Mel Gibson would literally turn into Mad Max at some point?”
  40. release dates
    You Only Have to Wait 2 More Years for Mad Max: Fury RoadIt will come out on 5/15/15, to be exact.
  41. mad max
    Charlize Theron to Play One-Armed Woman in Mad MaxProducers just cast a stunt double for her one-armed character.
  42. the industry
    Charlize Theron Headed to the ThunderdomePlus: Bret Easton Ellis! ‘American Dad’! Reese Witherspoon!