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Mad Men Series Finale

  1. the vulture tv podcast
    The Shove, the Kiss, and the Hug on Mad Men’s Finale“That tells me it’s a great ending, that you can sit here and talk about it.”
  2. close reads
    The End of Mad Men, in Its Characters’ Own WordsCoded within the final episodes lay any number of passages that illustrate the way Weiner feels about the end of the show.
  3. mad men series finale
    Original Coca-Cola Ad Man Stopped Watching Mad Men After Season 2“I don’t care. I didn’t see it.”
  4. mad men
    How Death Has Imparted Wisdom to Don Draper on Mad MenBetty Francis, Rachel Katz, and the real Don Draper.
  5. mad men series finale
    See Mad Men’s Series-Ending Finale MontageSomeone call Sia.
  6. mad men series finale
    Don and Peggy’s Final Mad Men Scene TogetherOne last phone call.
  7. mad men series finale
    Watch Peggy and Pete’s Last Scene Together“A thing like that.”
  8. live-blogs
    Vulture Live-Blogs the Mad Men FinaleIf you don’t like what we’re saying, change the conversation.
  9. the end
    20 of Mad Men’s Famous Fans Dish on How They Want the Show to End“I don’t want to redeem them.”
  10. tv
    The Rise of Fast TV: Why Empire Is the Preferred Script ModelTelevision’s plot mania.
  11. the media
    How the Media Forced Mad Men Down the World’s ThroatHow does one measure the impact of a show whose most fervent fans are the people paid to talk about it?
  12. the end
    All the Horrible Ways People Think Mad Men Is Going to EndNobody is going to fall out of a building.
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    Not a Fan of Mad Men? You’re Not Alone.That Don Draper guy is the worst!
  14. mad men series finale
    Sal From Mad Men Is Glad He Never Came Back“You know it’s going to be great for that one time, but then it’s over.”
  15. prophecies
    How the Mad Men Pilot Predicted the Final Episodes of the SeriesWatching “Smoke” again, it’s become increasingly clear that the pilot has the ring of prophecy.
  16. mad men
    Sarah Silverman and More on Mad Men Memories“I don’t think I’ve ever, in any R-rated movie, in anything, seen period blood.”