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  1. obits
    René Auberjonois, Star Trek: Deep Space Nine and Boston Legal Actor, Dead at 79Among his many roles, the Madam Secretary actor voiced Chef Louis in Disney’s The Little Mermaid.
  2. accidents
    Madam Secretary’s Tim Daly Injured While SkiingThe actor was visiting Sundance when the accident occurred.
  3. tv
    When John Kerry Called Madeleine Albright On SetDon’t you hate when you’re shooting a TV show and you get a phone call from John Kerry?
  4. tv doppelgängers
    Téa Leoni’s Secretary Role vs. Hillary ClintonBring on the pantsuits.
  5. premiere week ratings 2014
    Premiere Week Ratings: The Simpsons Guy Scores BigAnd a Frozen crossover gives Once Upon a Time a massive boost.
  6. tv
    Barbara Hall On Being a Female Showrunner“Women in a man’s world is something that I end up exploring a lot.”
  7. tv review
    TV Review: Madam SecretaryChanneling The West Wing, but not often enough.
  8. casting couch
    Téa Leoni to Star in CBS’s Madam SecretaryHer first network TV gig since 1998.