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Magic Mike Xxl

  1. let’s do it again
    The Hardest Sequel I Ever WroteThe writers behind Blade Runner 2049, Batman Returns, the John Wick sequels, and more on their toughest franchise gigs.
  2. movies
    Matt Bomer Is Taking His Hometown to See Love, Simon for FreeYou get a life-changing cinematic experience! And you get a life-changing cinematic experience!
  3. It’s Jenna vs. Channing Tatum on Lip Sync BattleOne Tatum to rule them all.
  4. mashups
    This Supercut of the Year’s Best Films Has Finally Made George Gershwin SexyJoe Manganiello, you are a work of art.
  5. Conan O’Brien and the ‘Conan’ Crew Ladies Go See ‘Magic Mike XXL’Here’s a clip from last week’s Conan, where O’Brien meets up with some ladies from his show’s crew to go see the perfect girls’ night out […]
  6. last night on late night
    Conan Shows the Best Way to Crash a Magic Mike PartyDancing, less so.
  7. movie review
    Magic Mike XXL Delivers Exactly the Dumb, Shirtless Fun You’d ExpectThe actors in Magic Mike XXL seem to be having a blast selling out.
  8. Joe Manganiello on His Magic Mike XXL InjuryThe actor talks about how his final stripping sequence tore his bicep in a gruesome accident.
  9. skin flicks
    Magic Mike XXL Is Not As Naked As You ThoughtYou’ll have to wait an hour for Channing Tatum to take his shirt off.
  10. vulture remix
    Vulture Remix: Watch Magic Mike XXL As a ’70s X-Rated FlickThe first episode in our new “Vulture Remix” series!
  11. ama
    Here Are the Best Answers From Channing Tatum’s AMAYes, his penis has a nickname.
  12. lap dancing
    Channing Tatum Is on a Magic Mike–ing SpreeMethod acting at its finest. Also, watch out: You could be next.
  13. trailer mix
    This Magic Mike XXL Trailer Has Too Much Plot, Not Enough Abs(There are never enough abs.)
  14. the industry
    Don’t Worry, the Magic Mike Musical Is Still HappeningAccording to Channing Tatum.
  15. ban men
    Jada Pinkett Smith Feels Really Bad for MenMagic Mike XXL gave her insight into the mind of a dude. 
  16. gifs
    Magic Mike XXL Trailer, GIF’dGIFts, more like.  
  17. trailer mix
    Magic Mike XXL Teaser Is a Wonderful Tribute to FlashdanceIf you’re horny, let’s do it. 
  18. shameless lusting
    The Magic Mike XXL Poster Has the Perfect Amount of Shameless XXL Bravo. 
  19. casting
    Donald Glover Joins Magic Mike XXL and Other Fun Plot DetailsRoad trip!
  20. contests
    You Can Be in Magic Mike XXLEven if Matthew McConaughey won’t be.
  21. sequels
    Matthew McConaughey Won’t Be in Magic Mike XXLTragic news.
  22. vulture lists
    Everything Steven Soderbergh Has Done Since He ‘Retired’For example: The Knick.
  23. magic mike xxl
    Steven Soderbergh Is Still Really Involved in Magic Mike XXLAnd other things we learned from GQ’s Channing Tatum profile.
  24. patriotism
    Magic Mike XXL Will Be Out July 2015God Bless America.
  25. sequels
    The Magic Mike Sequel Has a Title, and It Is GreatAnd it is great.