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  1. character actors
    The Character Actors Who Could Have Played the Penguin in The BatmanInstead of spending time and money to make Colin Farrell look like a middle-aged Italian American, why not just cast these guys instead?
  2. just look up
    I Rocket-Launched Myself Into Ariana Grande’s Outer SpaceFor the sake of beauty and the future of humanity.
  3. who is that?
    What Do Actors Lose When Prosthetics Become the Star?Hollywood’s obsession with making celebs “unrecognizable” is not helping their performances.
  4. beat for the gods
    How Coming 2 America’s Makeup Team Crafted Eddie Murphy’s Wild ProstheticsBelieve it or not, making Eddie Murphy an old white guy is pretty tough.
  5. how everything works
    How The Crown Made Gillian Anderson Look Like Margaret ThatcherThat wig was as hard, and as hard to make, as it looks.
  6. stand-up
    John Mulaney Has Become the Muse of TikTok’s Makeup ArtistsIt’s a trend we couldn’t have predicted, but we are so glad it exists.
  7. backstories
    How Sharp Objects’ Makeup Team Mastered the Art of Being Poisoned to Death“Are her nails starting to turn blue or yellow? Should her feet be dirty?”
  8. eye can’t
    A Glittery Guide to Euphoria’s Over-the-Top Eye MakeupWant to bleed glitter from your eyes like Zendaya? The show’s makeup artist walks us through the process behind three key Euphoria looks.
  9. objets d’makeup
    How Stranger Things Mastered the Art of Smudgeless Pool Eye Makeup“It’s not as fake as it looks!”
  10. roll clip!
    Enjoy Watching Zachary Quinto’s Full Transformation Into a Creepy VillainFor the new show NOS4A2.
  11. special effects
    True Detective’s Old-Man Makeup Was Inspired by The Nutty Professor and AmadeusThe makeup artist behind True Detective season three reveals the secrets of a special-effects feat.
  12. suspiria
    How Suspiria Transformed Tilda Swinton Into an Old Man and a Deformed MonsterMakeup artist Mark Coulier walks Vulture through the creation of Josef Klemperer and Mother Markos.
  13. a star is born
    Meet the Woman Responsible for Making Bradley Cooper Look Hot in A Star Is BornAn interview with Cooper’s makeup artist: “When I saw him with that long hair and that beard, I just went, ‘Oh yeah.’”
  14. special effects
    Here’s How Sharp Objects Made All of Camille’s ScarsThe makeup-effects team spent hours applying more than 350 fake scars to Amy Adams’s body.
  15. method makeup-ing
    Hollywood, It’s Okay to Cast Old Actors As Old PeopleOld-age makeup and digital de-aging mean more actors are playing characters wildly different from their real ages.
  16. How to Turn Margot Robbie Into Tonya HardingTales from the set of I, Tonya include beer-soaked wigs, figure skaters in fat suits, and 96 separate costume changes.
  17. This Makeup Artist Draws Cartoon Characters on Her ChinThat’s certainly one way to use your Sephora haul.
  18. The White Walkers of Game of Thrones Are InsaneThe makeup job is not easy.
  19. makeup
    Dang, Woody Harrelson Looks Pretty Great As LBJ, TooPresidential makeup artists are on point this year.
  20. horror week
    How Do You Make a Scary-Movie Doll?We asked the maker of Annabelle.
  21. See Al Pacino in Self-Designed MakeupIt’s like an Italian Brady Bunch!
  22. amy poehler
    Watch Amy Poehler Answer a 14-Year-Old Girl’s Question About MakeupAdopt us, please?
  23. game of thrones
    See Behind-the-Scenes Makeup and Prosthetics on Game of ThronesIf you don’t already watch, don’t let this deter you. It’s not real!
  24. clickables
    See a Horrifying Horse MaskIf you find the centaur unsettling, LOOK AWAY. This will decimate your soul.
  25. clickables
    Watch a Well-Meaning Dude Attempt to Do His Girlfriend’s Makeup “I put the blush under the eyelids by mistake, but that don’t mean anything.”
  26. clickables
    Watch an Unusual Glee Audition, With Bonus Makeup TipsFor your consideration.
  27. clickables
    Watch the Avatar Makeup Girl’s Excellent Black Swan TutorialSilver eye shadow “reminds us of how badly we want to bone our dance teacher.”
  28. movies
    Malin Akerman Has Found an Amazing New Makeup ArtistHer name is Biba and she is a genius.
  29. movies
    Scarlett Johansson Applies Makeup to a Man in the Name of Iron Man 2Scarlett helps interviewer Matt Zaller with his springtime look.
  30. the take
    Morgan Spurlock Probably Did Not Find Osama bin LadenHe made his name upchucking McNuggets out the driver’s side of an automobile — now has documentarian Morgan Spurlock discovered the whereabouts of the mastermind behind the September 11 attacks? Probably not!
  31. contest
    Agenda Sweepstakes: New York by ‘New York’!For this month’s New York by New York event, our friends at UCBT have combined the best and worst aspects of office holiday parties into one hilarious night.
  32. right-click
    RIP Pimp CPlus: Deerhoof!
  33. agenda
    ‘The Midnight Choir’ delivers the killer, then the body.This novel starts with a twist: The Gardaí (Irish cops) have their mad, blood-soaked killer; they just have to sort out whom he killed.
  34. apropos of nothing
    Did Will Smith Just Ruin His Nonexistent Chances at an Oscar?Might I Am Legend star Will Smith’s increasingly erratic behavior cost him the Academy Award that, let’s be honest, he was never going to win, not in a million years?
  35. agenda
    Ethan Hawke’s awful book becomes a great movie. Really!Mark Webber and Catalina Sandino Moreno deliver a kind of Linklaterian and surprisingly self-immolating take on how not to break up.
  36. daily intel
    Elizabeth Hardwick and Pimp C, Together in Death As We Wish They Had Been in LifeTwo Times obits, but they shared one soul.
  37. art candy
    Artist Rona Yefman Advises You to Take the ElevatorIn Two Flags, Israeli artist Rona Yefman reimagines conflict in the Middle East as a Capture the Flag–like game. We’d imagine whoever is standing at the bottom of this stairwell is, well, totally screwed.
  38. chat room
    Nicholas Gurewitch Kind of Regrets That ‘Poo’ ComicBut only kind of.
  39. quote machine
    Thurston Moore No Guitar HeroPlus: Quotes from Jack Nicholson and Glenn Fry!
  40. news reel
    Did Visa Steal Its Latest Ad From Dustin Hoffman’s Toy Store?The same setting, the same music — but the makers of Mr. Magorium’s Wonder Emporium don’t seem upset.
  41. chat room
    Director Julien Temple on Knowing Joe StrummerHaving already worked with legends like Neil Young and David Bowie, Julien Temple looks set to solidify his status as rock and roll’s favorite director with a new film on Joe Strummer.
  42. kudos
    Oscar Futures: ‘American Gangster’ Ready to Play Like GangbustersWho’s up? Who’s down?
  43. kudos
    Oscar Futures: ‘American Gangster’ Ready to Play Like GangbustersWho’s up? Who’s down?
  44. art candy
    Artist Frederick Mershimer Actually Makes the F Train Look Good, For OnceSure, the results seem slightly dated, but any medium that keeps the F train looking quaint and pristine, as it does in the above image, is fine by us.
  45. the industry
    Tom Hanks Prepares to Grow That ‘Da Vinci’ Mullet AgainPlus industry news on Michael Mann, Robert De Niro, and Jamie Foxx.