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Mark Burnett

  1. skinnygirl
    Bethenny Frankel to Host Apprentice-Style Show So We Guess She’ll Be PresidentIts working title is The Big Shot With Bethenny.
  2. potus
    Former Apprentice Staffers Doubt Donald Trump N-Word Tape Actually Exists“If there was a tape, it would have spread like wildfire,” one editor says.
  3. feuds
    Tom Arnold Just Filed a Police Report Against Mark BurnettOn Sunday night, the two men got into a brawl at a pre-Emmys party.
  4. where’s the beef?
    Everything We Know About That Tom Arnold–Mark Burnett TussleTom Arnold has filed a police report with the LAPD.
  5. the hunt for the trump tapes
    Tom Arnold Alleges MGM Chairman Mark Burnett Choked Him at Emmys PartyThe actor has long accused The Apprentice’s creator of burying the so-called Trump tapes.
  6. tv
    Kevin Hart Hopes the Small Screen Will Make Him Look TallerBut don’t get your hopes up.
  7. reality tv
    Schwarzenegger Shrugs Off Trump Apprentice RoleMeanwhile, Mark Burnett did not attend a “packed Q&A.”
  8. trump tape
    Mark Burnett: ‘I am NOT ‘Pro-Trump’’“I am not now and have never been a supporter of Donald Trump’s candidacy.”
  9. fallout
    Mark Burnett Weighs in on the Other Trump TapesSilences continue to be broken.
  10. What the Trump Tape Means for Billy Bush, NBC News, and Mark BurnettDon’t be surprised to hear an announcement before Monday that Bush is no longer a Today host.
  11. NBC Will Air Sequel to The Bible MiniseriesThe Bible II: More Bible. (We kid! It’s A.D.: Beyond the Bible.)
  12. double-dipping
    Beloved Miniseries The Bible Becoming a MovieMark Burnett and History’s ten-parter is being recut into a three-hour film about Jesus.
  13. reality tv
    Mark Burnett, Dick Wolf Plan Military Reality SeriesWith celebrities, and for NBC.
  14. the job
    New CBS Reality Show: Take This Job and Love ItMark Burnett and Michael Davies want to give you your dream gig.
  15. bible study
    Mark Burnett Declines to Make Bible Reality ShowInstead, he’s making a “docudrama.”
  16. pickup lines
    NBC to Air Idol Rival This SpringCan Steven Tyler and Jennifer Lopez stave off ‘The Voice of America’?
  17. the industry
    Industry: Darren Aronofsky Plans a Robocop-esque FeaturePlus: Matthew Broderick and Casey Afflect join ‘Tower Heist.’
  18. ratings
    New Season of The Apprentice FlopsHard.
  19. bad ideas
    American Idol in Prison, Coming to a TV Near YouGreat news!
  20. oprah
    Oprah Will Try to Find the Next OprahOn a reality-TV series.
  21. star search
    Coming Soon, American Idol: Daytime EditionBecause you can never get enough of singing competitions.
  22. martha stewart
    Martha Stewart to Perform ‘Lifestyle Makeovers’ on New Reality ShowProducer Burnett also shopping project with Palin.
  23. the industry
    Stephen King Puts a Curse on Your TelevisionPlus: A new member for the ‘CSI: Miami’ crew.
  24. the take
    Spielberg Announces ‘On the Lot’ Judges, Rich People Thrive Under Adversity
  25. the industry
    Dwight Hires a Hooker