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Marley & Me

  1. tv
    There’s Going to Be a Marley & Me TV PilotJohn Grogan keeps getting those checks.
  2. the industry
    Judge’s Ruling Allows Watchmen Windfall to Fill Fox’s CoffersPlus: Was Balthazar Getty fired from ‘Brothers & Sisters’?
  3. trailer mix
    ‘Marley & Me’ Teaser Trailer Is Marketing Failure, Fuzzy-Wuzzy SuccessThis is actually a terrible teaser, but who the hell cares? That puppy is effing adorable.
  4. the industry
    A Great Dane Joins the Cast of ‘Marley and Me’Plus industry news on Tim Allen, Freddie Highmore, and Master P.
  5. the industry
    Kristen Bell to Make ‘Heroes’ Even More AwesomeOwen Wilson, Jennifer Aniston, and a dog… and more!
  6. the take
    ‘Marley & Me’ Author Would Prefer You Ignore His Next Book