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  1. finale thoughts
    Shit Buckets and StopwatchesThe Party Down cast reflects on a season that almost didn’t happen.
  2. dungeon master
    The Geeks From Freaks and Geeks Still Love D&DFormer geek John Francis Daley is directing the upcoming film adaptation.
  3. chat room
    Martin Starr Pulled His Party Down Trip From Personal Experience“With mushrooms, it’s a different story.”
  4. party report
    Adam Scott’s Prank Made Ken Marino Cry During Party DownTears of joy.
  5. coming soon
    Save the Date for Party Down Season 3Soup R’ Crackers? In this climate?
  6. reunions
    Sad Breasts and Giant Hogs: A Party Down ReunionFeaturing a surprise appearance by Steve Guttenberg, who was magnificent.
  7. tv
    Two Surprise Cameos Were in Game of Thrones Last NightThis one’s for all you It’s Always Sunny and Silicon Valley fans.
  8. chat room
    Martin Starr on Freaks and Geeks and the ‘Bummer’ of Leading Roles“I don’t love the attention [of a leading role]. I don’t know if you can tell! I like just being able to pop in and pop out.”
  9. trailer mix
    Pied Piper Is Expanding in the Silicon Valley Season 5 TrailerRichard, as always, is totally overwhelmed.
  10. For Martin Starr, the Best Roles Are as Exciting as They Are TerrifyingWhether it’s as a freak and/or geek, a caterer, or a senior security architect, Martin Starr is best known for one of his roles in three of the […]
  11. truTV Renews ‘Adam Ruins Everything,’ Orders Guy Branum’s ‘Talk Show the […]truTV just announced a round of renewals, series orders, and new projects in development. First up is a 16-episode season 2 renewal for Adam […]
  12. trailer mix
    Mae Whitman Soothes Everyone in Operator TrailerNever get married.
  13. casting
    Martin Starr Joins Spider-Man: HomecomingLogan Marshall-Green is in, too.
  14. party chats
    Silicon Valley Actors Did Hand-Job Math for NASA“Our biggest accomplishment is a joke about how fast we could masturbate every guy in an auditorium.”
  15. ‘Silicon Valley’ is Almost Too Much Like the Real Silicon Valley — AlmostSilicon Valley might be too compelling for its own good. Whenever anyone asks me what I think of Silicon Valley, I tell them I like it but I […]
  16. chat room
    Blythe Danner on the Price of Aging, Insomnia, and Her First Starring Film Role“We all experience loss, and grief is the price we pay for loving. You have to not fall apart, and keep going.”
  17. Martin Starr Lives a Slowmo Life in New Short Film ‘Leonard in Slow Motion’Vice released a new short film this week from writer/director Peter Livolsi called Leonard in Slow Motion, and it’s a sweetly sad look at a day […]
  18. Breaking Down ‘Silicon Valley’s Flawed Characters and Promising Debut […] Silicon Valley’s fourth episode, “Fiduciary Duties,” ends with Richard and Erlich as they leave Peter Gregory’s office, where they spy an old […]
  19. ‘Silicon Valley’s Skewering of the Tech Industry Feels Spot-OnA few weeks ago, South by Southwest offered an advance screening of the first two episodes of Mike Judge’s new sitcom, Silicon Valley. It was […]
  20. Dave Foley, Michaela Watkins, Martin Starr and More Read James Joyce’s […] James Joyce was a dirty, dirty man, and Funny Or Die has been capitalizing off that this week in the spirit of Valentine’s Day by having Dave […]
  21. Ken Marino and Martin Starr Will Be in the ‘Veronica Mars’ MovieThe Kickstarter-funded Veronica Mars movie is going to feature a little Party Down reunion. Veronica Mars creator Rob Thomas, who also created […]
  22. web series
    Watch the First Two Episodes of ‘Burning Love’ Season TwoIncluding a Party Down mini-reunion.
  23. Inside the Judd Apatow Art Show Gallery 1988 held a Judd Apatow tribute art show in Los Angeles last week, and here’s a nice little mini-documentary about the event, which […]
  24. Allison Brie, Lizzy Caplan, and Martin Starr Get Dramatic and Comedic in […] Here’s the trailer for Save the Date, a new comedy-drama that premiered at Sundance earlier this year. It stars a slew of up-and-comers who […]
  25. Talking to Martin Starr About ‘NTSF:SD:SUV’! A Months-Old Update on the […]Every comedy fan worth his or her salt knows Martin Starr. The guy’s been popping up in some of the best comedies going for over a decade now, […]
  26. sitcoms
    See a Comprehensive Chart Detailing the Hardest-Working Actors in SitcomsIs there a show you love that hasn’t featured Megan Mullally? Nope. No, there is not.
  27. Sundance: Martin Starr Can’t Sell You Any CokeAnd yet people persist in thinking he’s a drug dealer.
  28. Community Recap: ‘Geography of Global Conflict’“Uruguay kindly requests that Somalia stops pronouncing it Ur-a-gay.” When I think of Annie, I’m reminded of the opening line from the Silver […]
  29. Martin Starr to Join Community’s Study Group, If But BrieflyApparently the second episode of Community’s star-studded third season will focus on the world of Model UN, and it’ll feature a face familiar […]
  30. casting couch
    Alison Brie and Lizzy Caplan, Together at LastAs sisters!
  31. clickables
    See Lizzy Caplan and Martin Starr in a New Episode of The Cat WhispererA fraction of a ‘Party Down’ reunion!
  32. The Cat Whisperer Returns, Bringing Lizzy Caplan and Martin Starr Along […] Julie Klausner and Alex Scordelis’ wonderful Cat Whisperer series returns for episode three, which just so happens to be an epic two-parter […]
  33. Michael Cera, Martin Starr and Tony Danza Appreciate Some Art Together Did you know that you can rent out Tony Danza by the day to hang out with you and get some froyo? It’s true! At least in the world of Funny or […]
  34. the industry
    Industry Roundup: Lost Producers Relocate to Small Town MainePlus: CBS is ready for Eugene Levy and Rob Schneider.
  35. Martin Starr and Lizzie Caplan Take a Left Turn From Party DownMan, the third season of Party Down would have been weird. [Lizzie Caplan and Martin Starr photographed by Robyn Von Swank, via]
  36. party down
    Which Shows Should Steal Party Down’s Two Remaining Original Cast Members?Which existing shows should poach Ken Marino and Martin Starr?
  37. miracles
    Party Down Re-uppedContrary to popular belief, some good shows do see a second season these days.
  38. chat room
    Adventureland’s Martin Starr on the Movie He’s Writing and the Plight of the Motion-Sick ExtraStarr spoke with Vulture recently about his own worst-ever job and the screenplay he’s writing.