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  1. the thing is
    Julia Garner Joins the Fantastic Four PolyculeBut who’s voicing H.E.R.B.I.E.?
  2. blade running
    Everything We Know About Marvel’s Long-Delayed BladeAaron Pierre said the project “evolved” so that he is no longer part of the Mahershala Ali film.
  3. fight club
    Watch Out for the Killer GamsLeg crush. Flying scissor. Whatever you call it, the move has become an inescapable part of action heroine fights.
  4. marvel-ous
    Deadpool & Wolverine Had a Ball on Super Bowl SundayBreaking the record to become the most-viewed movie trailer ever in just 24 hours.
  5. trailer mix
    Ryan Reynolds Gets Pegged by the MCU in Deadpool & WolverineI pray to Marvel Jesus that a musical number will be involved.
  6. the law
    Jonathan Majors’s Sentencing Postponed Until AprilThe Marvel actor appeared via video for the under-five-minute court proceeding.
  7. vulture recommends
    Meet Marvel’s Coolest Heroes: A Teen Scientist and Her Pet T. RexMoon Girl and Devil Dinosaur is sweet, smart, and actually funny.
  8. vulture lists
    Every Marvel TV Show of the MCU Era, RankedThere have been 23 TV shows since the dawn of the Marvel Cinematic Universe — and some of them are even pretty good.
  9. tv review
    You Need to Watch All of EchoThe first Marvel series of the year is also the first one that can be binged right out of the gate. That’s a good thing.
  10. zapped
    Steven Yeun Is Thunderbolting Out of Upcoming Marvel Movie“I think for me, time passing and things shifting kind of pulled me out of it.”
  11. the kang conundrum
    Where Does Marvel Go From Here?There are four ways through the Kang conundrum, and none of them involve Jonathan Majors.
  12. coming soon
    Wanda’s Nosy Neighbor Gets a Show of Her OwnWe’ll peep the WandaVision spinoff, Agatha: Darkhold Diaries, soon.
  13. that’s for bob iger
    Iman Vellani Isn’t Worried About Disappointing The Marvels Box OfficeWorrying is reserved for someone else (Bob Iger).
  14. vulture lists
    Marvel Villains, Ranked by HotnessLet’s all marvel at more than 50 badies from the MCU of varying degrees of hotness.
  15. homework not required
    Echo Will Introduce ‘Marvel Spotlight’ to Help Ease Your Canon MalaiseNo more homework? We’ll believe it when we see it.
  16. trailer mix
    Rage Is Reverberating in the Echo Trailer“You have so much pain in you, so much rage, that you can’t contain it,” Kingpin intones.
  17. overnights
    Loki Recap: Wait, Did We Miss Something?After a strong return, Loki’s second season starts jogging in place.
  18. marvel
    Did Jonathan Majors’s Arrest Affect the New Season of Loki?Executive producer Kevin Wright has some answers before the season-two premiere this week.
  19. marty vs. marvel
    Who’s In Martin Scorsese’s Cinema Avengers?“How much longer can it be me? I’m gonna be 81.”
  20. pow! wham! boom!
    The 30 Best Superhero Cartoons of the Past 30 YearsSince Batman: The Animated Series and X-Men in 1992, animation has been a rich avenue for comic-book adventures.
  21. ‘historic first step’
    Overworked and Underpaid, VFX Workers Vote to Unionize at MarvelOn Monday, a group of more than 50 on-set employees filed a petition for an election to be represented by IATSE.
  22. for miles morales stans
    Spider-Man: Beyond the Spider-Verse Is Coming to Our UniverseEventually, as it currently does not have a release date.
  23. overnights
    Secret Invasion Season-Finale Recap: One-Term President StuffHere’s hoping there are better uses of Nick Fury in our future.
  24. overnights
    Secret Invasion Recap: Not Great, BobA swiftly paced, compelling, and still kind of disappointing episode ends with a clear takeaway: Varra needs to watch her back.
  25. overnights
    Secret Invasion Recap: Even When I’m Out, I’m InFury may not want to admit he’s getting too old for this, but he seems awfully out of the loop.
  26. overnights
    Secret Invasion Series-Premiere Recap: The New Old Nick FuryAn information-packed, incident-heavy premiere seeks to expose a new side of the world’s biggest franchise.
  27. comics
    Son of Fantastic Four Co-Creator Jack Kirby Criticizes Stan Lee Documentary“Are we to assume Lee had a hand in creating every Marvel character?”
  28. fishnets
    Tom Holland Knows You Care More About His Lip Sync Battle Than His Acting“For all the movies that I’m incredibly proud of, the Lip Sync Battle is what I get the most compliments for.”
  29. marvel cinematic calendar
    Marvel Knows What You’ll Be Watching Through 2027Disney benches the Avengers for another year.
  30. encounter
    Who’s Afraid of Patti LuPone?The Broadway legend on bringing the horror to Ari Aster’s latest smothering-mother fantasy Beau Is Afraid.
  31. #comicsbrokeme
    Comics, AssembleCartoon professionals are organizing online around #ComicsBrokeMe to reveal ghastly working conditions and meager pay.
  32. collaboration
    Natasha Lyonne and Ayo Edebiri Freestyled a Larry David Marvel-Movie ConceptLet’s curb Kevin Feige’s enthusiasm.
  33. into it
    VFX Artists Are Tired of Fixing It in PostAmid the writers strike, another unionization effort is brewing.
  34. endings
    Let’s Talk About the Cliffhanger Ending of Spider-Man: Across the Spider-VerseWhat’s next for Miles Morales? Sony and Marvel Studios may be working toward a similar goal from different ends.
  35. vulture lists
    Every Spider-Man Movie Villain, RankedMany excellent actors have tangled with Spidey, but which of these foes had you (almost) rooting for them?
  36. exclusively gay moments
    Happy Pride! Disney’s Globby Is Real and He’s Bisexual.Did The Other Two do bi-erasure on Globby?
  37. prowlin’ around
    Across the Spider-Verse’s Goofiest Cameo Was 13 Years in the MakingSpideys aren’t the only multi-versal variants that pop up in Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse.
  38. explainer
    Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 Is the We3 Adaptation James Gunn Never MadeGuardians of the Galaxy director James Gunn always wanted to adapt the comic We3. Turns out it’s a skeleton key to understanding Vol. 3.
  39. spoilers
    The Emotional Significance of One Parting Line in Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3A loving farewell from an unexpected source, told with some fun sleight of hand by director James Gunn.
  40. explainer
    Is Vol. 3 Really the Last We’ll See of the Guardians of the Galaxy?Breaking down what the mid- and post-credits scenes tell us about the Guardians, Groot, and the next generation.
  41. movie review
    It’s Nice to See a Good Marvel Movie AgainWith Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3, Marvel reminds us why we used to like this stuff.
  42. explainer
    Which of the 600 Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 Versions Is Right for You?Mercifully, the decision won’t involve the multiverse.
  43. marvel-ous
    Ghosted Is a Little Bit of an MCU MeetupChris Evans has familiar company in these cameos.
  44. spider tingle
    The Sony Spider-Man Movies Are Coming to Disney+ (Today)Peter-1, Peter-2, and Peter-3 together again, sort of.
  45. good for her
    Mia Goth Joins Cast of MCU Blade MovieNo eyebrows, no mercy.
  46. trailer mix
    Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse Has a New Preposition and a New TrailerIntroducing us to the Oscar Isaac–voiced Miguel O’Hara, a.k.a. Spider-Man 2099.
  47. cast away
    Steven Yeun Has a ‘Significant’ Role in Marvel’s Thunderbolts, Of CourseBeef creator Lee Sung Jin is rewriting the script.
  48. wes anderson
    Is This Actor in the MCU, the Wes Anderson CU, or Both?With Wes Anderson’s Asteroid City out on July 16, it’s important to know if you can differentiate between the MCU and the WesCU.
  49. post-divorce
    Deadpool to Steal Tom Wambsgans From GregTomelette is now just one sad, lonely Gregg.
  50. oscars 2023
    Rihanna Lifts Up the OscarsPerforming a salute to Chadwick Boseman.
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