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    The Best Sex I Ever Read Was By the Famously ‘Dick-Centric’ Henry MillerMary Gaitskill on one of the few passages where the author praises someone’s vagina.
  2. 17 Reviews of Opening Lines of New BooksHow fair is it to judge a book by its opening? We’re doing it anyway.
  3. 7 Books You Need to Read This NovemberAda Calhoun, Mary Gaitskill, Umberto Eco, and more.
  4. fall preview 2015
    Mary Gaitskill on Her First Novel in a Decade and Ambivalence Towards MotherhoodThe Mare seems awfully sweet. Don’t be fooled.
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    Charting the Changes in Mary Gaitskill’s New CharactersFive protagonists who have grown up — kind of.