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  1. last night on late night
    The Tonight Show Goes Inside Brian Cox’s Method Acting MasterClassJimmy Fallon teared up at Cox’s advice on acting.
  2. netflix house style
    The Duffer Brothers’ MasterClass Kills All Hope for a Steve and Dustin SpinoffBut it just might tease a conspiracy-theory-filled Stranger Things 5.
  3. singing lessons
    Can Mariah Carey Teach Me How to Sing?If she can’t …
  4. master class
    What Beyoncé Tells Us Without Saying a WordA close read of nine formative images tell a complicated story about the artist’s politics.
  5. snl
    SNL Offers Timothée Chalamet’s MasterClass on How to Look Like Timothée ChalametIf you’re not starting with that head of hair, though, you might as well give up now.
  6. movies
    The Most Nicolas Cage Moments From Nicolas Cage’s Master ClassThe infinitely meme-able actor on taking risks, working with David Lynch, and going for “that Super 8 feeling.”
  7. Judd Apatow Is Teaching an Online Comedy MasterClass This SpringClass is about to be in session with Judd Apatow at the helm. Apatow is the latest celebrity to sign on to teach his own MasterClass, which was […]
  8. 8 Things We Learned Talking to Samuel L. Jackson About His MasterClassBut not just any TV — and 7 other things we learned talking to him about his MasterClass.
  9. What It’s Like to Take Steve Martin’s Comedy MasterClassYou must have seen it: the commercial/trailer for “Steve Martin Teaches Comedy.” Facebook tells me it surfaced in early March, when my brother […]
  10. master class
    Martha Stewart Knows Who Jonathan Cheban Is Now, and They’re FriendsShe also spills the details about that night Jason Derulo stripped down during a performance.
  11. how to be funny
    Grab Your Banjo and Your Stapler: Steve Martin Has an Online Comedy Master ClassI guarantee you I had no talent. None.
  12. masterclass
    It’s Handled: Shonda Rhimes Is Teaching a TV-Writing Workshop Shondaland University is in session. 
  13. trailer mix
    Reba McEntire Will Graciously Teach You How to Be Like Reba in her Master ClassTake notes.
  14. adult education
    What I Learned From Usher’s Online Class on ‘the Art of Performance’He likes the word chutzpah.
  15. master class
    See Faye Dunaway Channel Maria Callas in a Screen Shot From Master ClassFaye Dunaway is in a movie! And on Twitter! Year of Faye!
  16. stage dive
    The Diva Paradox of Master ClassThe fine distinction between self-deluded and genuinely tragic.
  17. Lorne Michaels Gives a Masterclass on Comedy Here’s the first episode of Masterclass, from that Oprah channel. Essentially, it’s a 45-minute interview/profile of Lorne Michaels, full of […]