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Matthew David Brozik

  1. Long Works of Literature Made Shorter—and Better—with the Addition of […] Atlas Shrugged “Who is John Galt?” The light was ebbing, and Eddie Willers could not distinguish the bum’s face. The bum had said it simply, […]
  2. KRAMER (on Behalf of Herself and All Others Similarly Situated) vs. […] ’Tis the last day of trial, and to all in the court, I now offer this argument sounding in tort: My client, Miss Kramer, and others […]
  3. The Best Comedy Books of 2017 Do you like volumes of comic essays that you’ll end up reading entirely in one sitting? How about amusingly embarrassing memoirs, […]
  4. Your Daughter Appears to Be Our Daughter’s Kindergänger, So Now We Have […] Hello, and come in, please! We’re so glad you accepted our invitation to lunch. Can I get you some water or iced tea? We might have a beer or […]
  5. An Excerpt from ‘Danger…With a Hard G’ by Matthew David Brozik “You won’t mind if I ask to see some identification, I’m sure. It’s precinct policy.” The cheerfulness of the property clerk behind the […]
  6. An Open Letter to the Star My Uncle Named After Me, by Matthew David Brozik Dear ASASSN-15lh, You probably don’t know me, but my name is Kate and I am nine years old. I live on Earth, which is the third planet from […]
  7. The Moon ‘They’ Don’t Want You to Know About, by Matthew David Brozik If you’ve ever looked up into the night sky and gotten the feeling that you weren’t seeing everything… If you’ve stood on a beach and […]
  8. I Did It. I Did. Me. By Matthew David Brozik Everyone, this has gone on long enough. Too long, in fact. Really, this shouldn’t have been going on at all, if you think about it. Or… […]
  9. Brochure Enough, by Matthew David BrozikAbout This Rack: On these shelves you’ll find brochures for all of the most interesting and/or exciting things to do and/or see in the general […]