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  1. vulture lists
    An Unimpeachable Ranking of the Seven Transformers MoviesOur rigorous assessment of a movie franchise made to sell toys.
  2. trailer mix
    Megan Fox Is Willing and Able to Beat Us All UpLights. Camera. Action! Action! Action!
  3. they are risen?
    But How Is Megan Fox Going to Get That Thorny Ring Back On?She and Machine Gun Kelly may be back together after a Hawaiian getaway.
  4. love is pain
    Megan Fox Might Be Taking Off That Thorny Engagement RingShe deleted pictures of MGK from her Instagram and posted Lemonade lyrics about “dishonesty,” so …
  5. halloween 2022
    Billie Eilish and BF Jesse Rutherford Troll Halloween as Baby and Old ManAHHHHHHH! It’s celebrity couples costumes.
  6. trailer mix
    Colson Baker Pauses Playing Sad Boy MGK to Play Sad Boy TaurusAnother movie with fiancée Megan Fox, though the trailer offers no proof of that.
  7. life in blood red
    MGK ‘Clinked’ a Champagne Glass on His Head Because ‘There Were No Forks’The “I Think I’m OKAY” singer thinks he’s going to be OKAY.
  8. mental health
    Machine Gun Kelly Got Sober for Megan Fox and His Daughter“I was like, ‘I need to kick the drugs for real this time,’” he says in his new documentary.
  9. since when
    Machine Gun Kelly Dedicates 2022 BBMAs Performance to Wife and Unborn ChildAnd on a blood moon no less.
  10. my single is dropping
    Listen to Machine Gun Kelly Cover Frank Ocean’s ‘Swim Good’Apparently MGK thinks he can swim better.
  11. drew’s news
    Drew Barrymore Refuses to Kink-Shame Megan Fox and MGKBarrymore likes that he got Fox an engagement ring with thorns that hurt if she takes it off.
  12. i am weed
    Machine Gun Kelly to Wed the Girl on His Teen Bedroom WallThe proposal ended in mutual blood drinking, as all engagements should.
  13. last night on late night
    Machine Gun Kelly Is Pivoting to His Birth Name, Colson BakerPlus, plenty of funny injury stories!
  14. i am weed
    Battle of the Couples Costume: MGK/Megan Fox Versus KravisWhich twisted fairytale is right for you?
  15. true love
    Megan Fox and Machine Gun Kelly’s Relationship Is Exactly How You Imagined“Our souls chose this to absolutely have to face our shadow selves.”
  16. your honor
    If It’s Cringe, You’re Guilty in SNL’s Kourt Sketch With Kim K.“Travis, baby!”
  17. vmas 2021
    Why Are Machine Gun Kelly and Conor McGregor Beefing at the MTV VMAs?Leave Megan Fox out of it!
  18. music
    Machine Gun Kelly and Mod Sun Are Directing a Movie TogetherIt’s called Good Mourning With a U — and yes, it also stars Megan Fox.
  19. lollapalooza
    Machine Gun Kelly Did a Surprise Parkour Set at LollapaloozaHe also played music.
  20. quar amor
    Machine Gun Kelly Had a Megan Fox Poster in His Teenage BedroomAnd reportedly once told a classmate he would marry the movie star.
  21. couples
    Are Megan Fox and Machine Gun Kelly Doing Jennifer’s Body Cosplay?After the BBMAs, Machine Gun Kelly sported extra-long, spiky nails at the iHeartRadio Music Awards.
  22. quar goss
    Kourtney Kardashian and Travis Barker’s UFC Date Got WeirdFans think they caught them sucking fingers while at a UFC match with Megan Fox and MGK.
  23. instagram official
    Machine Gun Kelly Has Also ‘Waited for Eternity’ to Date Megan FoxThe actor and rapper made things Instagram official.
  24. sexploitation
    Megan Fox Clarifies She Was Never Sexually ‘Preyed Upon’ by Michael Bay“Please hear me when I say I thank you for your support.”
  25. right click
    Look Who’s Starring in Machine Gun Kelly’s New Music VideoMegan Fox is his “Bloody Valentine.”
  26. celebrity breakups
    Brian Austin Green Confirms Your Suspicion He and Megan Fox Have Separated‘I was shocked and I was upset about it, but I can’t be upset at her because she didn’t ask to feel that way.’
  27. q&a
    ‘It Was a Dark Time’: Megan Fox, Karyn Kusama Revisit Jennifer’s Body Backlash“It’s being revisited because [the movie is] really f—ing good,” says the director.
  28. last night on late night
    Megan Fox’s Preferred Method of Vandalism? Writing Nietzsche Poems on WallsIn Permanent Marker! So punk.
  29. teenage mutant ninja turtles
    Watch the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2 TrailerDrivin’ that train, high on … purple ooze.
  30. the industry
    Megan Fox Is Heading to New GirlShe’ll rent out Jess’s room for a bit.
  31. vulture lists
    7 Ways to Tell You’re a Woman in a Michael Bay MovieYou’re probably introduced legs first.
  32. trailer mix
    Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Trailer: The Dark (Green) KnightsTurtle Power!
  33. ceasefire
    Megan Fox to Star in Michael Bay’s Ninja TurtlesDo they not hate each other now?
  34. this is 40
    Triumph the Insult Comic Dog Punks the Cast and Crew of This Is 40But where is Albert Brooks?
  35. friends with kids
    Chris O’Dowd Is Not on Team Michael Bay“He is a f–king a–hole.”
  36. casting
    Megan Fox, Zoe Saldana to Topline Action MovieThey’ll be heist partners in Swindle.
  37. monday morning movie club
    When Jon Hamm and Adam Scott Play Jerks: More Friends With Kids TalkAlso, how was Megan Fox?
  38. megan fox
    Watch a Guy in a Giant Banana Costume Scare the Sh*t Out of Megan FoxA hit and run-ana!
  39. last night on late night
    Last Night on Late Night: Steven Tyler Denied J.Lo’s Nip Slip at the OscarsPlus: Megan Fox can’t stand the creepy, old rich guys at awards shows, and more, on our daily late-night roundup.
  40. clickables
    Watch Megan Fox Encourage Foreign Youth to Speak EnglishMike Tyson’s in the mix, too.
  41. Billy Crystal’s Out of the Cave and Ready for the Oscars Oscar frenzy has begun with the first official Academy Awards trailer from Funny or Die, starring Megan Fox and Josh Duhamel, with appearances […]
  42. The Dictator Trailer Hits Computer Screens Like a Huge Steel Breast The first trailer for The Dictator is out and it features ziplines, a bitter postcoital Megan Fox, and a woman (or a man dressed as a woman?) […]
  43. Megan Fox’s Years With Marilyn Are Coming to a Painful EndFox talks about her Marilyn Monroe tattoo removal to Vulture.
  44. last night on late night
    Last Night on Late Night: Despite Selena Gomez’s Crush, Shia LaBeouf Admires Justin BieberPlus: ‘Transformers’ co-star Rosie Huntington-Whiteley had to wear a chastity belt to refrain from sexy Shia, and more, on our daily late-night roundup.
  45. real talk
    In Defense of Celebrity CandorLet’s not make Shia shut up.
  46. movies
    Shia LaBeouf Just Made Things Really Awkward for Megan Fox“It was what it was.”
  47. John C. Reilly, Megan Fox Join The DictatorThe Hollywood Reporter claims that John C. Reilly and Megan Fox will cameo in The Dictator, Fox being particularly excited to work for a […]
  48. beefs
    Also, Michael Bay Totally Deleted Megan Fox’s Phone Number“She sent me a text three months ago … I responded, ‘Who is this?’”
  49. movies
    Steven Spielberg Engineered Megan Fox’s Transformers FiringHe demanded that Michael Bay swing the ax, claims Bay.
  50. real talk
    Shia LaBeouf Says Megan Fox’s ‘Spice Girl Strength’ Cost Her Transformers“This is a girl who was taken from complete obscurity and placed in a sex-driven role in front of the whole world.”
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