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  1. cheating watch
    Which of the Cheaters Actually Boned in the White Lotus Finale?Next season, they can just have an orgy.
  2. last night on late night
    Trickster Meghann Fahy Forgot to Mention Aubrey Plaza Was Tripping BallsYou’d be rude to Italian motorists too if you were on mushrooms.
  3. snow jams
    Here It Is: The Much-Discussed Video of Meghann Fahy Singing ‘O Holy Night’It’s the performance that made the “Matt Rogers and Friends Holiday Spectacular Sing-A-Long Extravaganza” extra spectacular.
  4. vulture festival 2022
    The White Lotus’s Meghann Fahy Does Not Teach Us Any ItalianIt was rude of us to expect her to, honestly.
  5. vulture festival 2022
    The White Lotus’s Meghann Fahy Knows Daphne Is No VictimThe series’ “Zen mommy” unpacks the marital mind games being played in this week’s episode.
  6. party report
    Sounds Like The White Lotus Cast’s Partying Upset the On-Set GhostsWas it the late-night karaoke?
  7. vulture festival 2022
    Halloween and Hedwig: Vulture Festival Adds Even More EventsJamie Lee Curtis?? Kumail Nanjiani??? For All Mankind?? THE WHITE LOTUS????
  8. chat room
    The Bold Type’s Meghann Fahy on Getting Her Ending Rewritten ‘the Night Before’“I remember getting that phone call and was like, What?! I was truly shocked.”
  9. The Bold Type’s Leading Ladies Want to Save Young-Adult TV“You watch other shows become massive hits and you’re like, What is it … that made that show as successful as it is?