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  1. tv review
    Jessica Jones Is Darker, Edgier, and More Difficult in Season TwoIt gets much closer to realistic trauma than other superhero stories.
  2. Jessica Jones Showrunner Melissa Rosenberg on #MeToo and Hiring Women Directors“There are so many talented, qualified women. It’s not like we’re having to search very hard.”
  3. vulture festival 2016
    Melissa Rosenberg on the Look of Jessica JonesNo grand superpowers, just the sense of real human power.
  4. backstories
    Jessica Jones Cast and Crew On The Show’s Unprecedented Sex Scenes“My chest and my arms were burning.”
  5. chat room
    Jessica Jones Creator on Powers, Flaws, and Sex“Her character has always been that she has powers, but they’re not the A+ powers.”
  6. you’re hired
    Marvel Finds Writer for Jessica Jones Netflix SeriesShe wrote the Twilight movies.
  7. Who Just Became the Most Successful Female Screenwriter Ever?Hint: She put words into Bella’s mouth.
  8. The Spoiler Interview: Breaking Dawn’s Screenwriter Discusses the Sex Scene, the Bloody Birth, and Feminism“As a pro-choice feminist … I would not have done this movie if it violated my own beliefs.”
  9. quote machine
    Fans of Placenta Biting to Be Disappointed by Twilight 4Plus: Leonardo DiCaprio will eat after the avalanche.
  10. quote machine
    Twilight 4 Screenwriter Answers All Your QuestionsPlus: Stephenie Meyer is sorry.
  11. nightmares
    Twilight Screenwriter Dreams About Murder, Death and The End of Her Career“What I’m concerned about, what consumes me in the dream, is my life will end.”
  12. vampires
    Breaking Dawn’s Violent Vampire Birth May Happen Off-ScreenTwihards aren’t going to like this.