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Men In Black Iii

  1. making the rounds
    Will Smith Is Giving a Pretty Bizarre Press Tour Over in EuropeA Fresh Prince sing-along, a reaction to French tax rates, and, of course, a slap.
  2. the vulture transcript
    Barry Sonnenfeld on Men In Black III“Every film has its own mishegoss.”
  3. clickables
    See Jemaine Clement As a Biker Bad Guy in Men in Black IIIWatch out, SAMCRO.
  4. exclusive
    Fox Planning Back-to-Back Independence Day Sequels, With or Without a Pricey Will SmithHe was demanding $50 million, but the stagnant box office may need this last sure-thing movie star.
  5. comebacks
    Will Smith Plots His Hip-Hop ComebackBig Willie lives!
  6. nyc just doesn’t understand
    New York City Is Hindering Will Smith’s ArtCity residents are complaining about Smith’s giant set trailer.
  7. clickables
    See Bill Hader As Andy Warhol on the Men in Black III SetBill, is it really you under that nose?
  8. multi-hyphenates
    Will Smith, Screenwriter, and Other Reasons Men in Black III Is a Mess“He’s become very enamored with aspects of screenwriting.”
  9. the industry
    Industry Roundup: Ellen Page, Jemaine ClementPlus: Alfred Molina joins ‘Abduction.’
  10. the industry
    Will Smith Chooses Men in Black IIISurprising!
  11. the industry
    Industry Report: Will Smith, ‘Maleficent’Plus: Jennifer Beals nabs leading role in Fox pilot.