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  1. meow
    Doja Cat Becomes an Actual Cat for Met GalaDressed as Karl Lagerfeld’s beloved cat, Choupette.
  2. cats
    Method Actor Taylor Swift Went to ‘Cat School’ on the Set of the Movie Cats“Learned how to be as much like a cat as I possibly could.”
  3. meow
    How Russian Doll’s Oatmeal Went From Stray Cat to TV StarHis real name is Louie and his trainer says he’s a “remarkable boy.”
  4. meow
    Hamilton’s Choreographer Jellicles on Over to CatsWhat the hell does jellicle even mean?
  5. bella thorne’s 19 cats
    In Defense of Bella Thorne’s 19 CatsFrom one cat mom to another.
  6. tv
    The Entire Series of Lost Reenacted by Cats in One Minute(Sorry. It’ll all be over soon.)