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  1. so random
    The Biggest Plot Twists in the Simon & Schuster Antitrust TrialThe publishing world’s inner workings come to light.
  2. obits
    TNT and TBS Will No Longer Broadcast the SAG AwardsRIP SAG on TNT.
  3. rip
    Turner Has Shut Down Its Comedy Site Super DeluxeAnother internet casualty.
  4. Disney to Buy Most of 21st Century Fox in Deal Worth $52.4 BillionNow it’s official.
  5. mergers
    Book Publishers Random House and Penguin to MergeIn order to better handle the challenges caused by the rise of e-books.
  6. mergers
    The Ticketmaster–Live Nation Merger Is OnOh boy.
  7. vampires
    Lionsgate Merging With Twilight Studio?This opens the door for a really scary Halloween episode of ‘Mad Men’.