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  1. post-christmas movies
    You Should Rewatch Whit Stillman’s MetropolitanFew films capture the magic of New York between Christmas and New Year’s.
  2. What’s Up With the PsychoBarn on the Met Roof?Transitional Object is made entirely from a cut-up and reconfigured decaying barn from Schoharie, New York.
  3. influences
    Whit Stillman on 10 of His Biggest InfluencesIncluding Evelyn Waugh, J.D. Salinger, and Alfred Hitchcock.
  4. Rich, Beautiful and Surprisingly Virtuous: A Whit Stillman PrimerWhit Stillman only has only four films to his name, and like most directors who can manage to craft a career out of a few highly personal, […]
  5. the take
    Whit Stillman Offers Praise for August Movies — and Might Finally Be Directing a New OneAn insightful interview of the nineties indie-comedy favorite suggests he might have a movie set in Jamaica shooting soon.