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Michael Angarano

  1. chat room
    This Is Us Actor Michael Angarano Knew Nicky’s Big Twist This Whole Time“I haven’t been able to be honest with anybody in my life for about five months now.”
  2. chat room
    Ezra Miller, Michael Angarano on Stanford PrisonAnd how Tilda Swinton’s advice made Ezra Miller a better actor.
  3. promising performances
    The 6 Star Turns of Sundance 2015A much-deserved spotlight on actors and actresses whose work had the Utah movers and shakers thinking big.
  4. rugrats
    See a Trailer for a Live-Action, Terrifying Rugrats MovieSo long, childhood innocence! It was nice knowing you!
  5. Alia Shawkat Is The Sassy Best Friend In The Brass Teapot, He Loves MeBecause you can’t eat or live inside promises of an Arrested Development movie, Alia Shawkat went ahead and joined the cast of He Loves Me and […]
  6. trailer mix
    Ceremony Trailer: Literary Men Crash Weddings TooBecause they’re in love with Uma Thurman.
  7. the industry
    Peter Berg Packs His Bags for ArrakisPlus: Who’s replacing Orlando Bloom?
  8. the industry
    Jesse L. Martin and James Gandolfini Administer a Little ‘Sexual Healing’Plus industry news on Jemaine Clement, Sam Rockwell, and Clive Barker.