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  1. ain’t slowing down
    Michael Caine Shuts Down Retirement Rumors“I haven’t retired and not a lot of people know that.”
  2. hunter’s line readings
    This One Line from Tenet Plays on a Loop in My HeadIt’s a moment most pleasing to me in Christopher Nolan’s career.
  3. the crime scene
    15 Essential British Crime MoviesFrom Cockneys to Caine, hoodlums to the high-class.
  4. the industry
    No, Michael Caine Won’t Work With Woody Allen Ever AgainBut he doesn’t regret working with him.
  5. dunkirk
    Did You Catch Michael Caine’s Cameo in Dunkirk?Hint: Listen closely.
  6. last night on late night
    Michael Caine’s Favorite Michael Caine Impression Is Pretty SurprisingIt’s an American!
  7. anecdotal evidence
    Yara Greyjoy Auditioned for Game of Thrones With That Brother-Sister Horse SceneShe recalled the phantom genital fondling in front of … Morgan Freeman?
  8. brexiting
    Michael Caine Has an Interesting Analogy for Why He Was in Favor of Brexit“I’d rather be a poor master than a rich servant.”
  9. trailer mix
    Going in Style Trailer: Morgan Freeman, RobberThe movie is directed by Zach Braff.
  10. names
    Michael Caine’s Name Is Now Michael CaineMy name is …
  11. sundance 2016
    Spike Lee on Rampling, Caine, and Oscar Politics“Charlotte Rampling and Stacey Dash need to hang out. And they need to go with God. Both of them.”
  12. oscars 2016
    Michael Caine Says Black Actors Should ‘Be Patient’ About Oscar Nominations“You can’t vote for an actor because he’s black.”
  13. chat room
    Michael Caine on Youth and Batman Emotionality“He said, ‘I didn’t want you to read the lover. I wanted you to read the father.’ I went, Uh-oh.
  14. Michael Caine’s Michael Caine Impression Is Only a B+ Michael Caine ImpressionWe have some notes.
  15. cannes film festival 2015
    Michael Caine to Young Men: You Will Someday Have My BodyThe 82-year-old’s truth bombs about aging.
  16. awards season
    Watch Every Famous British Person Reenact the Best American Movie ScenesCumberbatch, Redmayne, Hiddleston, and more.
  17. 21 Things in Interstellar That Don’t Make SenseSpoilers and confusion ahead!
  18. chat room
    Michael Caine on Interstellar and Dylan Thomas“He was always drunk when you met him.”
  19. sundance 2014
    Sundance: More Impressions in The Trip to ItalyThey also jam out to Alanis Morissette.
  20. casting couch
    Samuel L. Jackson and Michael Caine Join Harry and the ButlerThey got Last Vegas’s audience right where they want them.
  21. casting couch
    Michael Caine Joins Christopher Nolan’s InterstellarAdding to an already (inter)stellar cast.
  22. Listen to Raw Commentary by ‘Michael Caine’ on The Muppet Christmas Carol“Michael Caine” = “my cocaine.”
  23. dark knight rises
    Watch an Interview The Dark Knight Rises CastEveryone is there! Everyone!
  24. clickables
    Listen to Michael Caine’s Michael Caine ImpressionYou would expect him to pull it off, right?
  25. dark knight rises
    Watch Two New TV Spots for Dark Knight RisesIt’s the “Bane” event!
  26. clickables
    Watch Michael Caine Do His Best Michael Caine ImpressionPretty good.
  27. Steve Coogan and Rob Brydon’s Dueling Michael Caine Impressions Here’s a great clip from BBC Two’s The Trip, a series in which Steve Coogan and Rob Brydon play heightened versions of themselves traveling […]
  28. clickables
    Listen to Rival Michael Caine ImpersonationsCultural lesson: Michael Caine is to England as Christopher Walken is to America.
  29. movies
    Listen to Michael Caine Explain How He Bromanced Sean ConneryIn an excerpt from his autobiography, ‘The Elephant to Hollywood,’ the esteemed actor details how he won over the original James Bond’s heart back in the day.
  30. inception
    Michael Caine Weighs In on Inception EndingHe offers his interpretation.
  31. michael caine
    Michael Caine Accidentally Predicted 9/11“I had this plot where terrorists fly a plane into a London skyscraper,” says the aspiring fiction writer.
  32. the industry
    Industry Roundup: Caine, NeesonPlus: Billy Ray Cyrus and son to investigate conspiracy theories on Syfy.
  33. quote machine
    Rereleased Avatar Might Feature Hot Na’vi Sex, or Some Boring StuffPlus: Gwyneth Paltrow just drinking all the time.
  34. last night on late night
    Late Night: Downey Jr. Is Afraid of RourkePlus Jon Stewart on the new iPhone, on our regular late-night roundup.
  35. quote machine
    Spoiler Alert: Lost Finale to Take Place at Chuck E. CheesePlus: Michael Caine Googles self.
  36. quote machine
    Megan Fox Is Not Really Concerned With Convincing People That She’s Smart (Unlike Scarlett Johansson)Plus: Does Christian Bale use steroids?
  37. quote machine
    Dolly Parton Hoping for Goatlike DeathPlus: Michael Caine is no fan of badgers.
  38. the industry
    For ‘Indy 5,’ George Lucas Will Put on His Thinking CapPlus: Kat Dennings to star in indie comedy!
  39. the industry
    Upcoming Michael Caine Movie to Feature Shirtless ManPlus: Billy Crystal joins the Rock’s tooth-fairy movie!
  40. quote machine
    Nas Embraces the LeakPlus: Shamefully, ‘Meet Dave’ director Brian Robbins has never seen ‘Small Wonder.’
  41. trailer mix
    New ‘Dark Knight’ Trailer: Really, Why So Damn Serious?Remember when the most depressing thing about Batman movies was that they were terrible?
  42. quote machine
    Jason Alexander Would Be Thrilled to Show You His PrivatesMichael Caine, Jenna Jameson, and more!