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  1. party chat
    Danai Gurira on TWD Parallels to Real Life“We weren’t thinking about November then, but the fact that it aired yesterday — it’s uncanny.”
  2. party chat
    The Walking Dead’s Danai Gurira on Why Rick Is the Only Man for MichonneWho else is she gonna? This has got to be the guy.
  3. facial expressions
    The Many Scowls of The Walking Dead’s MichonneScowl scowl scowl.
  4. chat room
    The Walking Dead’s Danai Gurira on Playing Michonne and the Lori Backlash“You know, people tend to blame women for stuff.”
  5. comic-con 2012
    The Walking Dead’s Michonne Does Her First Comic-Con With VultureThe actress takes Vulture along for the ride.
  6. castings
    Sword-Wielding Michonne Enters The Walking DeadWalkers beware.