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    Eighth Grade to Screen at Middle Schools Way Cooler Than YoursGucci!
  2. movies
    9th Graders on Bo Burnham’s Eighth Grade“In ninth grade, you lose all your popularity going from middle school to high school. It’s a completely different dynamic.”
  3. Jasper Tries to Pass Off 473 Subscriptions to ‘Lowrider Magazine,’ by […]Jasper, step into my office. Now, I realize the student body has gone a little bonkers over the annual magazine subscription fundraiser. This […]
  4. facebook
    Watch a Dramatic Interpretation of Middle Schoolers’ Facebook CommentsBe happy you’re old.
  5. Paul Feig on His First Kiss and Subsequent Catastrophic HumiliationPaul Feig’s essay for Rookie Magazine about his first kiss, and his very embarrassing response to it, is probably as close to a time machine as […]