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  1. vulture lists
    13 Scary Horror Shows to Watch Before HalloweenNow is the perfect time to watch these series with the lights off.
  2. vulture lists
    The 15 Best Netflix Original Horror MoviesThe Perfection, Gerald’s Game, Fear Street, and more.
  3. overnights
    The Midnight Club Recap: You Write What You KnowHappy Deathday to Amesh! What better way to celebrate than taking edibles on the beach?
  4. overnights
    The Midnight Club Recap: Murder TownMike Flanagan’s latest continues to be heavy on teen drama and light on horror, but that’s fine.
  5. overnights
    The Midnight Club Recap: Petting ZooIt’s Family Day at Brightcliffe!
  6. overnights
    The Midnight Club Recap: The You That You ChoseAnya tells a revealing story about being in two places at once and ending up nowhere.
  7. overnights
    The Midnight Club Series-Premiere Recap: Making GhostsWhat scares a bunch of terminally ill young adults? Mike Flanagan tries to find out.
  8. trailer mix
    Watch the Terminally Spooky Trailer for The Midnight ClubThe latest “ghosts are grief” jawn by Mike Flanagan and Leah Fong.
  9. netflix
    Mike Flanagan Is Bringing Edgar Allan Poe Back in The Fall of the House of UsherThe king of Netflix horror is back.
  10. chat room
    Hamish Linklater on Making Midnight Mass’s ‘Massive Orgy of Violence’The actor explains how he tackled those dense sermons and why “horror is one of America’s religions.”
  11. tv review
    Midnight Mass Provokes More Thoughts Than ScreamsHamish Linklater’s performance makes this Mike Flanagan’s best Netflix series to date, even if it’s a less frightening experience altogether.
  12. trailer mix
    Midnight Mass Is Netflix’s Latest From the Haunting Of CreatorYour latest entry in the hot priest canon.
  13. oh the horror
    Mike Flanagan Blasts Off With Christopher Pike’s Mars Novel Season of PassageSomeone warn Elon.
  14. terrifying news
    Haunting of Bly Manor’s Mike Flanagan Has ‘No Plans’ for Future SeasonsSo, if someone could round up three ghosts and send them to his house, that’d be great.
  15. tv review
    The Haunting of Bly Manor Is Unnerving Yet UnevenMike Flanagan’s Hill House follow-up uses the folds of a ghost story we know to tell a story about the boundaries of love.
  16. horror
    Doctor Sleep’s Mike Flanagan to Breathe Life Into Stephen King’s RevivalIf Stephen King keeps writing ’em, we’ll keep seeing ’em.
  17. endings
    Is Doctor Sleep a Faithful Sequel to The Shining? It’s Complicated.Let’s talk about the ending of Mike Flanagan’s Stephen King adaptation, and how it diverges from Stanley Kubrick’s universe.
  18. movie review
    Doctor Sleep Is a Horror Film of Messy PleasuresMike Flanagan’s spiritual sequel to The Shining is elevated by great performances. But King’s and Kubrick’s legacies loom large.
  19. horror
    Mike Flanagan Is ‘Sweating Bullets’ Over His Sequel to The ShiningFor the Doctor Sleep director and writer, making horror films is a kind of therapy. But that doesn’t mean he’s not nervous about this one.
  20. trailer mix
    The Trailer for Stephen King’s Dr. Sleep Goes Back to the Overlook HotelIt’s even scarier than we imagined.
  21. season renewals
    The Haunting of Hill House Is Getting a New Spooky Name for Season TwoThe Haunting of Bly Manor is coming next year, and it’ll be inspired by the works of Henry James.
  22. vulture recommends
    If You Loved Haunting of Hill House, Watch These 6 Mike Flanagan Horror FilmsThere’s so much more unresolved trauma to experience.
  23. horror
    The Haunting of Hill House: All the Hidden Ghosts You MissedThe Bent-Neck Lady is terrifying, but did you spot the dozens of other ghosts in Hill House?
  24. horror
    The Haunting of Hill House Director on What Changed From Shirley Jackson’s Novel“I approached it like one long movie, like a ten-hour feature film. It was the most difficult thing I’ve ever done.”
  25. trailer mix
    The Haunting of Hill House Trailer Promises So Much Childhood TraumaCarla Gugino goes through so much for us.
  26. stephen king adaptations
    Gerald’s Game Director Is Adapting Stephen King’s Shining SequelWarner Bros. is betting on the reliability of Mike Flanagan.
  27. Five Easy Steps to Making a Better Horror SequelHow Annabelle: Creation and Ouija: Origin of Evil blew their predecessors out of the water.