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  1. close reads
    Holy Spider’s Ending Uncovers a Tangled Web of MisogynyHoly Spider is at its most precise and upsetting in the film’s final scene.
  2. troll patrol
    Erin Moriarty Kindly Claps Back at Misogynistic The Boys Boys“This has only strengthened my empathy muscle and to anyone who comes at me: I see you …”
  3. apologies
    Justin Timberlake Apologizes to Britney and Janet in the Year of Our Lord 2021Better late than never?
  4. misogyny
    Rey Still Doesn’t Have Star Wars: Monopoly Token Due to ‘Insufficient Interest’#WheresRey?
  5. misogyny
    Gabourey Sidibe: ‘Don’t Congratulate Me’ for Losing Weight“Mind your own body.”
  6. Misogyny Greeted Zoe Lister-Jones at Sundance“Is the director here?” 
  7. irreconcilable differences
    Brett Gelman ‘Severs Ties’ With Adult Swim Over the ‘Misogyny of Their Policies’He’s not happy about the network’s show catering to the alt-right, either.
  8. misogyny tsunami
    Samantha Bee on a Hillary Clinton Presidency: It’ll Be a ‘Tsunami of Misogyny’“I mean, certainly the problem of race was solved by Barack Obama.”
  9. sequential art
    Comics Stars Boycott International Prize Because No Women Were NominatedDaniel Clowes, Chris Ware, and others join the fight.
  10. year in review 2015
    This Year in Music, We Listened to WomenSure, Adele and Taylor Swift were 2015’s top sellers, but more crucially, this year saw women in music speaking out — and people starting to listen.
  11. misogyny monday
    Colin Quinn Was the One Who Called Tina Fey the C-Word at SNL“I was trying to help him with a show that he was working on.”
  12. cinema verite
    T.I.’s Apology Video Was Horribly ProducedWho let him shoot this vertically?
  13. misogyny
    Dre Abuse Victim on Why Compton Hid Misogyny“I didn’t want to see a depiction of me getting beat up.”
  14. game of thrones
    King Joffrey Hates Misogyny, Wants to See the D on GOT“We’re all objects together.”
  15. game of thrones
    Emilia Clarke on GOT Misogyny: It’s Make-BelieveThe mother of dragons weighs in.
  16. game of thrones
    Amanda Peet Says GOT Isn’t Misogynistic“They write some of the greatest female characters that are on television.”
  17. misogyny
    A$AP Rocky Says Misogynistic Things About Rita Ora, Swears He’s Not a Misogynist“Maybe I should’ve muted her name in it.”
  18. inside amy schumer
    Fey, JLD, & Schumer on Aging Out of HollywoodThere’s a Viking funeral involved.
  19. Jen Kirkman Is Taking a Twitter Hiatus to Get Men to Stand Up for Female […]Comedian and writer Jen Kirkman is taking a stand against gross Twitter misogynists by boycotting the social networking site, she announced […]
  20. sorkinese
    The Newsroom Is Incredibly Hostile Toward WomenMen watch the news like this. Women watch the news like this.
  21. Shut the Fuck Up, Adam CarollaLarry Getlen over at the Post interviewed Adam Carolla today, and, well, he didn’t really hold back when it came to his feelings towards women […]
  22. sexism
    Two and a Half Men Creator Made Some Unfunny, Misogynistic JokesMore than usual, we mean.