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  1. rankings
    All 193 Taylor Swift Songs, RankedThere are at least ten stone-cold classics in her discography.
  2. close reads
    So, What Is Taylor Swift’s New Netflix Doc Miss Americana About?Cats! And so so so much more.
  3. cat backpack
    I Own Taylor Swift’s Cat Backpack. It’s As Life-Changing As It Looks.But does that really come as a surprise to you?
  4. glaring omissions
    Here’s What You Won’t See in Taylor Swift’s Miss AmericanaThe new documentary gives a great glimpse into how Swift writes songs but avoids talking about some of her more dramatic life moments.
  5. miss americana
    We Must Protect Andrea Swift at All CostsTaylor Swift’s mom is the low-key star of Miss Americana.
  6. my single is dropping
    Taylor Swift’s New Song ‘Only the Young’ Encourages Fans to Get PoliticalHer single from the Miss Americana soundtrack is out now.
  7. miss americana
    Taylor Swift, Please Release an Acoustic “ME!”Her Netflix documentary reveals how Lover’s lead single could’ve sounded if they left it alone.
  8. miss americana
    Here’s the Exact Moment Taylor Swift Decided to Get PoliticalA tearful fight with her dad.
  9. miss americana
    18 Things We Learn About Taylor Swift in Her Documentary Miss AmericanaThe superstar’s new doc, directed by Lana Wilson, reveals a lot: An eating disorder, the story behind her political awakening, and a cat backpack.
  10. miss americana
    All the Mysterious Forms Joe Alwyn Takes in Taylor Swift’s DocumentaryA severed hand. A shadow. Hmmmm.
  11. radio vulture
    Taylor Swift Finally Invites You Into Her Narrative on Miss AmericanaMiss Americana peels away some of Taylor Swift’s complexities to reveal even more complexities.
  12. sundance 2020
    Miss Americana Did Have to Leave Out Some Taylor Swift DetailsI mean they only had so much time.
  13. grammys 2020
    Former Grammys Darling Taylor Swift Snubs the GrammysShe wants to be excluded from this narrative.
  14. miss americana
    Taylor Swift Reveals Her Struggle With Eating Disorder in Miss Americana“I think I’ve never really wanted to talk about that before.”
  15. trailer mix
    Taylor Swift Wants History on Her Side With Miss Americana TrailerComing later this month to Netflix.
  16. only the young
    Taylor Swift Wrote a Song for Her Fellow Politically Disillusioned MillennialsNew Taylor Swift! Alert your 13-year-old cousins!
  17. swiftiverse
    Netflix Crowns Taylor Swift’s Miss Americana With Release DateSwifties, assemble.