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  1. mistakes
    Sony Accidentally Uploads Entire Movie to YouTube Instead of Red-Band TrailerIn case you were wondering why that Khali the Killer trailer felt so incredibly long.
  2. mistakes
    A Very Recent History of Celebrity Cultural AppropriationA depressingly large club.
  3. mistakes
    Hilary Swank Will Donate Her Chechen Party Favors to CharityThe actress says she was not aware of her host’s bad reputation.
  4. mistakes
    Tracy Morgan Does Yet Another Homophobic Stand-up Set [Update: And Apologizes For It]Women aren’t really attracted to other women, they just hate men, he told a Nashville crowd.
  5. clickables
    Read a Collection of Oprah E-mails Mistakenly Sent to Opera Software“Hi opera, I am nine years old, I was just wondering if you could send me some tickets to a Hannah Montana show.”
  6. mistakes
    Samuel L. Jackson’s Copy of The Avengers Screenplay Has LeakedDespite its secret production title, ‘Group Hug.’
  7. chris brown
    Chris Brown May Get Himself Kicked Off DWTSWithout even going before the judges.
  8. taylor momsen
    Taylor Momsen Apologizes for Telling Glasgow It’s Part of EnglandTaylor Momsen probably should have paid more attention in geography class.
  9. mistakes
    Extra Features Missing on Slumdog Millionaire DVDsNo word about the subtitles, though.
  10. mistakes
    Anne Hathaway to Snap Neck of Golden Globes WebmasterIf any members of the HFPA wake up with blue hair this morning, they’ll probably know why.