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Moby Dick

  1. visual effects
    How In  the Heart of the Sea’s Mammoth Whale Was Brought to LifeDirector Ron Howard and visual-effects supervisor Jody Johnson talked through the creation of a key shot.
  2. whales
    Animal Planet Going After Its White WhaleWith a movie called Revenge of the Whale.
  3. white whales
    Hold on, M. Night Shyamalan Has a Moby Dick Project, TooLost Horizon, a modern-day take at NBC.
  4. white whales
    Get Excited for a ‘Moby Dick in Space’ Movie In a sense, isn’t everything a Moby Dick in space movie?
  5. the industry
    Nothing Can Derail Diddy’s TrainPlus: Tony Parker and Gordon Ramsay get animated.
  6. the industry
    Brace Yourself: Keira Knightley to Star in Historical DramaPlus: a “modern reimagining” of ‘Moby Dick’ from the guys who brought you ‘National Treasure’!