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  1. canada
    Forget Art Basel Miami Beach — Put on Your Puffer Coat and Head North to TorontoSix exhibitions to check out, including the inaugural show at the new MOCA.
  2. coachella
    Coachella Owner Says He’s No Longer Donating to Anti-LGBTQ GroupsPhilip Anschutz had come under fire for reports of decades of donations to hate groups.
  3. art
    Saltz on the End of Jeffrey Deitch’s Doomed MoCA TenureIt was always only a question of when, never if. Today, when arrived.
  4. francophile
    Jeffrey Deitch Will Appear on General Hospital With James FrancoThe new MOCA director’s already going Hollywood.
  5. art candy
    A Riot of Film From Katharina SieverdingKatharina Sieverding’s Transformer rounds out the pro-fem show “Wack! Art and the Feminist Revolution,” now in its last week at L.A.’s Geffen Contemporary at MOCA. Sieverding’s drag-ish, seventies-era film reels (seen here in a still from her video projection) are what we’d imagine Warhol’s “Film Stills” might have looked like had Marilyn Manson been his on-set stylist.