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    Don’t Even Think About Asking Taylor Swift About Joe AlwynNot even about Billy Lynn’s Long Halftime Walk? Meh.
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    Pete Davidson Doesn’t Understand Why People Care He’s Dating Kate BeckinsaleOh yeah, it’s the double standard.
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    The Funniest Moments From Bob Einstein’s Legendary Comedy CareerFrom Super Dave Osborne to Marty Funkhouser, here’s a look back on a great comedic talent.
  4. Sketch Anatomy: Scot Armstrong on ‘Modern Romance’s Foley Artist SceneWelcome to our column Sketch Anatomy, where we ask some of our favorite comedy writers to choose any sketch — one they personally wrote or one […]
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    Charlize Theron Denies Ghosting Sean PennUnder International Ghosting Law, Sean Penn is a let.
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    Here Are the Best Answers From Aziz Ansari’s Reddit AMAFeaturing some updates about his new Netflix show.
  7. The Problem with Aziz Ansari Writing a Book About Something He’s Never DoneThere is a long tradition of comedians and sitcom stars writing books about relationships. Paul Reiser’s first book (of three books, Paul […]
  8. Aziz Ansari Announces ‘Modern Romance’ Book Tour DatesAziz Ansari’s new book Modern Romance hits bookstores next week, and to promote it he just announced a multi-city tour. Ansari will make stops […]
  9. Read an Excerpt from Aziz Ansari’s New Book ‘Modern Romance’Aziz Ansari’s new book Modern Romance hits bookstores on June 16th, but today he shared a lengthy excerpt from the book with Time about how his […]
  10. Aziz Ansari and Mindy Kaling Tease Their Upcoming Books at BookConComedy superstars Mindy Kaling and Aziz Ansari attended BookCon in New York over the weekend to promote their new books Why Not Me? and Modern […]
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    Aziz Ansari Is Worried About the Sex Lives of Young Japanese and Argentinian Men“If Tokyo is the land of the herbivore man, Buenos Aires might be the home of the carnivorous-eating douche monster.”
  12. Aziz Ansari on Selling Out Madison Square Garden and the Business Side of […]Aziz Ansari might be a TV star on NBC’s five-year favorite Parks and Recreation and soon-to-be published author, but performing live standup […]