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Molly Gordon

  1. movie review
    Theater Camp Is Too Sweet to Take Issue WithOkay, maybe one or two quibbles.
  2. roundtable
    ‘The Gayest Gasp of All Time’The cast of Theater Camp discuss the roles they were born to play and the Broadway divas they’d body-swap.
  3. celebrity casting
    Pretty Much Everyone Was Dying to Guest-Star on The BearHaving so many actors clamoring to be in season two was a gift to the casting team but also made for some tough decisions.
  4. ben platt warning
    I’m Just a Theater Camp Baby! Walking Off My Tired Feet …The Molly Gordon hive continues to eat.
  5. trailer mix
    Hungry for The Bear Season Two?Back in business June 22.
  6. the vulture spot
    Ben Platt Wishes He Could Oblivate Harry Potter SpoilersJust wait till he finds out about J.K. Rowling…
  7. profile
    Molly Gordon Didn’t Mean to Steal That SceneThe Shiva Baby co-star is thrilled to be a supporting player, but she’s got big theater-kid ambitions.