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Monica Bellucci

  1. movie review
    In Memory, Liam Neeson Gets to Act More Than UsualMartin Campbell’s hitman-with-dementia film offers visceral violence and surprising anguish.
  2. remember the time
    A Brief Appreciation of The Matrix Reloaded’s Orgasm CakeA look back on the goofy, gonzo scene almost two decades after it riled critics.
  3. movie review
    You Get One Guess As to What The Man Who Sold His Skin Is AboutTunisia’s Best International Feature Oscar nominee isn’t very subtle, but that’s not a bad thing.
  4. movies
    The Next James Bond Film Will Be Called SpectreAre we getting Blofeld?
  5. clickables
    Watch Robert De Niro Romance Monica Bellucci in the Ages of Love TrailerMore making out.
  6. the industry
    Angelina Jolie to Hit the CatwalkPlus: Judy Greer! Wal-Mart! ‘Castle’!
  7. the industry
    Jason Statham to Be a Featherman KillerPlus: Monica Belucci joins cursed ‘Sorcerer’s Apprentice.’
  8. the industry
    50 Cent and Forest Whitaker to Play Same PersonPlus: romantic-comedy news!
  9. tube junkie
    Clive Owen Multitasks in ‘Shoot ‘Em Up’Things that will not stop Clive Owen from having sex with Monica Bellucci in this NSFW clip from Shoot ‘Em Up: