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  1. monkey attacks
    Salma Hayek Calmly Looks Back on Being ‘Severely Injured’ in Frida Monkey AttackDon’t worry. She and Tyson later made up during a Vogue photoshoot.
  2. what happens in vegas
    Wayne Newton Is Being Sued for Having a Very Naughty MonkeyA lawsuit alleges that Newton’s pet monkey Boo attacked a tourist to his Las Vegas home.
  3. monkeyshines
    Vincent D’Onofrio Shares His Numerous Nightmarish Monkey ExperiencesPerfect if you’re looking to pick up a fun new phobia.
  4. international affairs
    Justin Bieber’s Monkey Now Belongs to Germany It’s probably for the best.
  5. monkeys
    Justin Bieber’s Pet Monkey Got Stuck in GermanyBecause he didn’t have the right paperwork to bring it into the country.
  6. bananas
    Joaquin Phoenix Is a ‘Pet Monkey’ in The Master“Bubbles was Michael Jackson’s pet monkey, and I was Paul’s pet monkey.”
  7. cute animals on the internet
    Watch a Monkey Wash DishesWashing dishes? Sounds like monkey business.
  8. clickables
    Check Out The Hangover 2 Monkey’s Sophisticated Red-Carpet LookWork it, Crystal.
  9. clickables
    See The Hangover 2 Monkey’s Personal PosterHe’s got a jean vest.
  10. music
    Tiny Monkey Creatures Lip-synch to Jay-ZSpectral tarsiers say, “Hands up and wave, and wave, and wave!”
  11. tv
    Monkeys Discovering Nature-Show Camera Is Greatest Video in WeeksMust, must, must watch in full-screen.
  12. karma
    Gibraltar Ape Beats the Crap Out of Jason BiggsWhere’s Stifler when you need him?
  13. vulture picture palace
    Robot vs. MonkeyBurning Safari, by students of the Gobelins School of Image.