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  1. mother!
    Celeb Mothers Mothered on Mother’s Day, Mama!It’s giving matriarch.
  2. mother!
    It’s ‘Mother’ vs. ‘Mother’Kris Jenner and Meghan Trainor battle for the title of Most (Narcissistic) Mother.
  3. mother
    Michelle Yeoh Promises No Swearing, Only Tears During Best Lead Performance WinShe shouts out all the ladies (mothers and wives) in the room.
  4. mother
    Paris Hilton Is Literally MotherNo, like, really.
  5. vulture lists
    Every Jennifer Lawrence Movie, RankedWith Don’t Look Up hitting Netflix, we rank all of Jennifer Lawrence’s big-screen performances, from Winter’s Bone to The Hunger Games.
  6. mother!
    Aubrey Plaza to Drew Barrymore: ‘Feed Me’“Be my mommy.”
  7. the art of ending things
    Every Movie Should End in Song and DanceTo watch the finest of musical finales is to become convinced, however briefly, that every movie should resolve this way.
  8. life after parasite
    A Guide to Director Bong Joon Ho’s Deeper CutsParasite is now streaming on Hulu, but so is Mother, The Host, and Barking Dogs Never Bite.
  9. New on Hulu: August 2018Stream Mother! if you’re up for it.
  10. right-click
    Kacey Musgraves’s ‘Mother’ Video Can Be Your Belated Mother’s Day GiftHope your mom likes nice, kind things that make her cry!
  11. razzie awards
    Mother!, Fifty Shades Darker Among 2018 Razzie NominationsCongrats?
  12. darren aronofsky
    Darren Aronofsky’s Favorite TV Shows Will Not Surprise YouI’ll give you a hint: One of them involves Szechuan sauce.
  13. Exclusive: Watch How They Shot the Wild Final Act of Mother!It’s a fascinating behind-the-scenes glimpse into the movie’s more surreal portion.
  14. mother!
    Jennifer Lawrence: Dating Darren Aronofsky During Mother! Press Was Exhausting“Can I please, for the love of God, not think about Mother! for one second?”
  15. the sink isn’t braaaaaaaaaaced
    Darren Aronofsky ‘Loves a Broadway Musical’Somebody please make mother!: the musical!
  16. halloween costumes
    How to Dress Like Your Favorite Film Characters for Halloween This YearAny idiot can be Pennywise. This year, it’s time to think outside the box.
  17. Why Mother! Landed on CinemaScore’s List of ‘Fs’It seems to have one thing in common with the other 18 F-rated films.
  18. high art
    Brace Yourself and Your Sink For the Mother! OperaLet’s consider the possibilities!
  19. mother! may i
    Darren Aronofsky Says Mother! Is a Good Date MovieHe’s giving Carrie Bradshaw–level bad advice.
  20. Will I Hate Mother!? A Serious QuizIs Mother! a good movie, or is watching it like actually dying?
  21. long explanations
    Darren Aronofsky Knew You’d Hate Mother! and ‘Wanted to Make a Punk Movie’He just needed to get this off (out of?) his chest.
  22. The 30 Best Female-Led Horror Films of All TimeFrom Alien to Halloween.
  23. What the 19 Movies to Ever Receive an ‘F’ CinemaScore Have in CommonMother! joins a small, motley group of auteurist misses and obvious clunkers.
  24. Here Are the Rest of the Horror Movies Coming Out in 2017Expect Leatherface, Jigsaw, and Madelaine Petsch being killed by a camera.
  25. mother!
    Mother! Is Attempting to Use Its Bad Press to Attract More MoviegoersA new ad uses divisive responses to the Darren Aronofsky film as a selling point.
  26. hermeneutics
    All of Our Theories on What Mother! Is Actually AboutMother! is really about the environment; Mother! is really about The Sims.
  27. aging gracefully
    Vulture Investigates: Jennifer Lawrence’s ImmortalityIn one year, she played a 49-year-old mutant (X Men: Apocalypse) and a 34-year-old businesswoman (Joy).
  28. the aviator
    Jennifer Lawrence Sounds Like a Horrible Person to Be Stuck on a Plane With“I’m not afraid of the airplane, I’m afraid of me on the airplane and losing control of myself.”
  29. mother!
    Paramount Responds to Mother! BacklashIf you’re not into it, they’re not that concerned.
  30. exegesis
    Unpacking the Religious Metaphors of Mother!There were more than a few.
  31. Michelle Pfeiffer Is the MVP of Mother!Anytime she’s onscreen, the film becomes electric.
  32. Darren Aronofsky Movies, RankedIn honor of Mother!, we ranked every Darren Aronofsky movie, from The Wrestler to Requiem for a Dream.
  33. interviews
    Darren Aronofsky Talks the Metaphors of Mother!The auteur talks Mother!’s metaphors, torturing Jennifer Lawrence, and the movie’s grisly ending.
  34. mother may i have a different score
    Mother! Has the Worst Possible Rating on CinemaScoreLess than ideal, admittedly.
  35. mother!
    Let’s Talk About That Scene in Mother!You know the one.
  36. movie review
    Mother! Is a Second-Rate, Self-Aggrandizing Tour De ForceDarren Aronofsky’s latest puts Jennifer Lawrence through the mill for no purpose except nurturing a strain of masochism.
  37. scarves
    Darren Aronofsky Finally Explains Why He Loves Scarves“The weakness of my body is my throat.”
  38. Can Jennifer Lawrence Earn Her Fifth Oscar Nomination for Mother?The movie puts her through the wringer. But is it too outrageous for Oscar?
  39. roll clip!
    Jennifer Lawrence Gets Terrorized by Michelle Pfeiffer in This Mother! ClipDon’t press her about having kids.
  40. Darren Aronofsky Doesn’t Want You to Know Anything About Mother!“Most people, after they see the film, they don’t even wanna look at me.”
  41. J.Law Likes That Darren Aronofsky Isn’t All Harvard-y About Going to Harvard“I normally don’t like Harvard people.”
  42. trailer mix
    New Mother! Trailer: J. Law and Javier Bardem Find Out Misery Loves CompanyHome is where the heart is. In the trailer for Darren Aronofsky’s latest, however, there’s no telling where anyone’s organs are going to end up.
  43. Mother! Trailer: J.Law Welcomes You to What Is Definitely Not a B&BDarren Aronofsky’s film premieres September 15.
  44. art du jour
    What in Tarnation Is Going on With Jennifer Lawrence in the mother! Poster?Mmmm human hearts.
  45. primer
    Primer: Snowpiercer Director Bong Joon-hoHis is a diverse and daring canon with universal appeal.
  46. spoiler alert
    See Penn Badgley’s Musical Gossip Girl Shout-Out“I am Gossip Girl.”
  47. right-click
    Hear Penn Badgley’s New Band, MotherWe hope that’s also him on the sax.
  48. chat room
    Bong Joon-ho on the American Host Remake“Kim Hye-ja said to me, ‘I want you to push me to the edge of the cliff.’”