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  1. modern love
    Sorry, Mindy Kaling Isn’t Going to Tell You Who Her Child’s Father IsShe has her reasons.
  2. art
    Narcissister’s Documentary About Her Pornographic Performance Art and Her MotherThe masked gender provocateur reveals the poignant family story behind her subversive practice.
  3. art
    Jenny Saville’s New Paintings Are About Motherhood and #MeTooThe Gagosian show is part of her imagining her own mythic ancestors, a genealogy for a canon that women are no longer so lonely in.
  4. close reads
    The Beauty and Banality of Motherhood Stories OnscreenThe best of these stories use a distancing lens to capture the transformative, magical, grinding exhaustion of motherhood.
  5. close reads
    The Pregnancy Plot: How TV Shows Use Motherhood to Force Characters to Grow UpIt’s been a beloved device for working women on television going back to Murphy Brown.
  6. babies
    Jane the Virgin’s Radically Frank Depiction of Early MotherhoodBabies have been conspicuously sidelined on TV — until now.
  7. the industry
    Mila Kunis, Bell, Applegate Making Mom ComedyFrom the writers of The Hangover.
  8. motherhood
    Unpacking Mad Men’s Missing-Mom Motifs in Last Night’s EpisodeDon’s not the only one who snapped because he had an absent mother.