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Motley Crue

  1. fight fight fight
    Eddie Vedder and Nikki Sixx Are Feuding Like It’s 1991It’s a “vacuous” versus “boring” band showdown. Pick your side.
  2. deep dives
    How Netflix’s Mötley Crüe Movie Compares to the Band’s Wild Memoir, The DirtThe film version involves Pete Davidson, Machine Gun Kelly, and that time Ozzy Osbourne licked up his own urine.
  3. movie review
    The Dirt Is a Parody of a Parody of a Music BiopicThere’s no getting around it, so you may as well go in prepared: The Dirt opens with female ejaculation.
  4. music
    The Dirt Offers a Sanitized History of Mötley CrüeThe Dirt is, surprisingly, not that dirty.
  5. biopics
    Nikki Sixx Recants Rape Story From Mötley Crüe Memoir Ahead of Netflix’s BiopicHe previously wrote in the band’s 2001 memoir that he and Tommy Lee “pretty much” raped a woman at a party.
  6. crushed dreams
    Vince Neil Won’t Be Playing the InaugurationHopefully they take returns at the Big Fabulous Inauguration Hat Store.
  7. crimes and misdemeanors
    Vince Neil Pleads Guilty in Vegas Battery CaseNo jail time.
  8. dad rock
    Tommy Lee Gets Stuck on Drum Roller-CoasterTime to retire.
  9. tours
    KISS and Motley Crue Announce Summer Tour by Striking Contrast With Rihanna and ‘Fake Bullshit’Telling us how they really feel.
  10. motley crue
    Mötley Crüe Are Doing a Las Vegas ResidencyThey’ll be the first heavy-metal act to do so.
  11. clickables
    Watch Dane Cook Roast Mötley Crüe“When I first saw the cover of ‘Shout at the Devil,’ I thought, ‘That’s one hot bitch.’”
  12. the industry
    Industry Roundup: Watts, McGregor, Oliver StonePlus: Josh Lucas to star in Australian dog movie.
  13. define irony
    Nikki Sixx Is a Walking ContradictionHe thinks rock stars are losing their mystique.
  14. quote machine
    ‘Pineapple Express’: A Stoner Love StoryPlus: Why making a Mötley Crüe movie is a serious moral issue.
  15. right-click
    New Franz Ferdinand Song Will Delight Fans of Old Franz Ferdinand SongsPlus: New MP3s from U2 and Saul Williams!
  16. quote machine
    LeAnn Rimes, Flattered by Snoop Dogg’s Comments, Refuses to Rule Out Possible RelationshipOur very first Quote Machine romance! Plus: Nikki Sixx grosses us out, and Jason Segel talks nudity.