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  1. coming soon
    Busy Phillips Is Not Like a Regular Mom, She’s a Cool MomThere’s nothing wrong with Busy Phillips being cast as Mrs. George in the upcoming Mean Girls musical movie.
  2. bah humbug buddies
    Will Ferrell and Ryan Reynolds to Sing a Modern Christmas CarolApple is adapting the Dickens classic as a musical comedy called Spirited.
  3. close reads
    Baz Luhrmann’s Tortured ArtistsElvis makes a point about exploited artists that Luhrmann first approached in Moulin Rouge!
  4. all hail
    Brandy Says Being the First Black Cinderella Was ‘Pretty Mind-Blowing’Cinderella: The Reunion lands on ABC August 23, along with the film.
  5. the baz of it all
    Counting the Baz-isms in Baz Luhrmann’s ElvisBaz Luhrmann can do many things, but he cannot do less — especially not in Elvis.
  6. movie review
    Neptune Frost Smirks at the Narrowness of Western ThinkingSaul Williams’s Afrofuturist, anti-colonialist film is a mission statement by way of a musical.
  7. movie review
    The Comfortable Familiarity of The Bob’s Burgers MovieIf you accept the narrative’s rigidity and safety, The Bob’s Burgers Movie is a jubilant bit of distraction.
  8. real hot girl sh*t
    A24 Casts Megan Thee Movie Star in F*cking Identical TwinsThe R-rated spin on The Parent Trap also stars Nathan Lane, Bowen Yang, and Megan Mullally.
  9. oscars 2022
    The Movie-Musical Reality Has Broken for the BetterWhat can we learn from the movie musicals that did and didn’t earn awards-season love this year?
  10. extremely deep dive
    How West Side Story Reset ItselfVulture’s theater desk considers Tony Kushner’s song reordering as a deep reenvisioning that changes the musical’s core qualities.
  11. movie review
    Tick, Tick…Boom! Is a Fascinating, Fractured Portrait of a Creative MindThe musical’s film adaptation feels like flipping open a thrift store jacket that wasn’t designed to be reversible, but works anyway.
  12. movie review
    Dear Evan Hansen Walks Through the Uncanny Valley, Ascends AnywayWhen the movie Dear Evan Hansen works, it’s working against the original musical’s platitudes and giving weight to its inherent brutality.
  13. trailer mix
    Richard E. Grant Is Having a Blast in Everybody’s Talking About Jamie TrailerOh my days!
  14. the perfect scene
    How In the Heights Pulled Off the Big Swimming-Pool SceneHundreds of extras. Thunder on the forecast. And just three days to nail one of the movie’s biggest moments.
  15. thank goodness!
    Wicked’s Director Has Been Changed for the Better to Jon M. ChuThey deserve each other, this film and Chu. They’re both so … smart!
  16. casting
    Zachary Levi, Cole Sprouse to Star As Wedding-Band Singers in Movie-MusicalZach and Cole?
  17. 8 Things Today’s Movie Musicals Can Learn from GreaseIn honor of Grease’s theatrical rerelease, we’ve laid out eight important movie-musical lessons it has bestowed upon us.